February 08, 2016

Fifty-six staff honored for service to Lewis & Clark

This year’s staff recognition lunch honored 56 staff members for their years of service and dedication.
  • Photo includes some of the employees honored with 20 or more years of service. From left to right: Anne Boal, Alan Younis, Jennifer Johnson, Linda Quandt, Nancy Kalvelage, Emily Decker, Jessica Odom, Amy Drill, and Don Reeve.
  • Honored for 40 years of service: Nancy Kalvelage, women’s health nurse practitioner, Student Health Services

This year’s staff recognition lunch was held on Friday, January 22, and honored 56 staff members for their years of service and dedication to Lewis & Clark.

“We have 700 cumulative years of service to Lewis & Clark represented here,” said Provost Jane Atkinson in her introductory remarks. “It takes a lot to support and advance our school—from accountants to arborists, lawyers to mechanics…each of us performs vital functions.”

“The students are inspiring and I love what I do,” Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Nancy Kalvelage said when asked about her 40-year tenure with Student Health Service.

The staff recognition luncheon celebrates each fifth anniversary of service to Lewis & Clark.

Congratulations to following honorees:

One honored for 40 years of service: Nancy Kalvelage, women’s health nurse practitioner, Student Health Service.

Two honored for 35 years of service: Jennifer Johnson, dean of the law school; and Larry Meyers, director, Overseas and Off-Campus Programs.

Three honored for 30 years of service: Emily Decker, senior associate director, Alumni and Parent Programs; Ken Dodson, carpenter and locksmith, Facilities Services; and Linda Quandt, administrative coordinator, Law Registrar’s Office.

One honored for 25 years of service: Anne Boal, administrative assistant, mathematical sciences.

Five honored for 20 years of service: Amy Drill, art director, Public Affairs and Communications; Jackie Foster, processing assistant, Boley Law Library; Jessica Odom, information security officer, Information Technology; Don Reeve, technology technician III, Information Technology; and Alan Younis, scientific electronics specialist, Natural Science Shop.

Eight honored for 15 years of service: Jabu Boka, fleet mechanic, Facilities Services; Shannon Davis, assistant dean of communications and admissions, Law Admissions; David Ellis, vice president, secretary, and general counsel, President’s Office; Lisa Garcia, administrative coordinator, Law Business Services; Denise King, assistant director of budget and planning, Facilities Services; Marily Quesnel, associate director for admissions systems, CAS Admissions; Laurisa Stubblefield, accounts manager and law librarian, Boley Law Library; and Laura Tucker, catalog librarian, Watzek Library.

Fourteen honored for 10 years of service: Tara Boatman, athletic trainer, Physical Education and Athletics; Kris Codron, associate director, Human Resources; Matty Davis, department specialist, Dean of Law Faculty; Jim Enright, communications officer for development, Public Affairs and Communications; Liz Hobbs, administrative specialist, Law Academic Affairs; Stephen LeBoutillier, senior associate director of annual giving, Institutional Advancement; Ronda Merryman, gifts management coordinator, Institutional Advancement; Brooke Mill, assistant registrar, Law Registrar’s Office; Hoa Nguyen Dang, computer science lab technician, Mathematical Sciences; Stefanie Pickard, budget manager, Law Business Services; Melissa Roane, acquisitions and cataloging specialist, Watzek Library; Sam Taylor, head crew coach and instructor; Physical Education and Athletics; Alison Walcott, administrative coordinator and director of the Pamplin Society, Art; and Cynthia Wyllie, financial aid specialist, Office of Financial Aid.

Twenty three honored for 5 years of service: Robert Booth, support specialist, Information Technology; Michael Coiner, administrative specialist. Student Support Services; Amy Dvorak, sustainability manager, Facilities Services; Judy Finch, registrar and program director, CAS Registrar’s Office; Tom Flynn, head baseball coach and instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Ian Gadberry, dispatcher, general maintenance, and van pool, Facilities Services; Brian Gardner, maintenance engineer, Facilities Services; Barry Glassner, president, President’s Office; Caitlin Harper, senior assistant dean of admissions, CAS Admissions; Lisa Holmes, lab director and instructor, Chemistry; Janet Kelley, manager, CAS Bookstore; Rebecca Khalil, staff attorney, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Yvon Kozma, administrative specialist, Oregon Law Institute; Amy Liu, staff attorney, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Peter McKay, associate dean of admissions, CAS Admissions; Emily Morin, administrative coordinator, Counseling Psychology; Laura Mundt, administrative coordinator, Counseling Center; Kathleen Robinson, accounts payable specialist, Office and Business and Finance; Douglass Ross, dispatcher, Campus Safety; Barbara Shepperson, director, Research and Assessment; Matsya Siosal, director, Center for Community Engagement; Sheri Terjeson, director of annual giving, Institutional Advancement; James Tursi, head women’s soccer coach and instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; and Tammy Jo Wilson, 2D technical supervisor, Art.