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Equity and Inclusion

Letter of Solidarity

November 07, 2016

Dear members of our Lewis & Clark community,

When we look at the events and debates shaping our city, state, nation and planet, it becomes all the more evident that the world needs more critical thinkers and problem solvers. That’s what we do here every day: learn how to learn, as some have put it. Understand how things work and how they can be made better. 

The past year has already been compared to inflection points in our nation’s history similar to the year 1968. Our country has faced challenges that have highlighted divisions along lines of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, and identity. And the truth is that our country and the Lewis & Clark community will face more challenges in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Because even a place whose mission is creating globally engaged thinkers and doers is not immune from prejudice and otherness.

At the same time, we are committed to engaging in meaningful conversations, building bridges, and doing the work necessary to create a learning environment where all are safe to explore the tough ideas and to have the sometimes awkward conversations necessary to growth. We are heartened by the incredible work currently being done in all corners of the campus in all of the preceding areas.

We, the undersigned, want to assure all members in our community in the strongest possible terms that we reject attacks against, discrimination against, and targeting of individuals and groups based on their identity. The College’s conduct policies that prohibit such conduct can be found here. And we want to further assure our peers and friends that if and when such attacks happen, we will respond wholeheartedly, promptly, and mindfully. In addition to community support, the college provides for formal support. The following offices provide support to the entire Lewis & Clark Community: the Counseling Center, 503-768-7160; Mark Duntley, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life (, 503-768- 7082); and Valerie White, Omsbudperson (, 503-768-7336). In addition, the office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement is available as a resource for CAS students. A link to IME’s Facebook post with a list of resources is available here. Further, faculty and staff may contact Isaac Dixon, Kris Codron, or Helen Devol in Human Resources (503-768-6235) or the Employee Assistance Program.

To further help us with this work, here’s one action faculty and students can take that will provide tangible value: Complete the CECE Campus Climate Survey that was emailed to you the week of Oct. 31. It’ll take 15 minutes. Even better, encourage your friends, classmates and teammates to complete the survey. It’ll give us a much clearer picture of where we are, to help us set a course forward.

Thank you for being part of the LC community. We’re grateful you’re here.


American Constitution Society, Derek Gauthier, President—Law School

Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA]—Law School

Associated Students of Lewis & Clark [ASLC]—CAS

            Adam Fractor, President

            Nick LeSage, Vice President

Association of Non-Traditional Students [ANTS]—CAS

Bacchus (men’s ultimate Frisbee)—CAS

Bantu Ba Africa—CAS

Bike Co-op—CAS

Black Law Students Association [BLSA]—Law School

Black Student Union [BSU]—CAS

Brewers Guild—Law School

Buddhist Group—CAS

BuildOn, Allie Collins & Monica Cropsey, Co-Presidents—CAS

Campus Activities Board [CAB]—CAS

            Maddie Barto, Co-Chair

            Silas Hassrick, Vice-Chair

            Izzy Vaccaro, Co-Chair

Chinese Club—CAS

Christian Legal Society Executive Board—Law School

            Christian Moak, President

            Myla Sepulveda, Vice-President

            Zach Santos, Treasurer

Coalition Advocating for Transportation Solutions [CATS]—Law School

College Democrats—CAS

College Outdoors—CAS

Committee on Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager, Bruce Taft Jr

Crime Victims’ Rights Alliance—Law School

Environmental Affairs Symposium—CAS

            Kori Groenveld, Co-Chair

Blake Slattengren, Co-Chair

            Daphne Yuen, Co-Chair

Executive Council of Lewis & Clark College

Jane Atkinson, Vice President, Provost, and Title IX Coordinator, individually and as a representative of staff within her department
Joe Becker, Executive Director of Public Affairs and Communication, individually and as a representative of staff within his department
David Ellis, Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel, individually and as a representative of staff within his department
Mark Figueroa, Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Planning
Alan Finn, Vice President, Business and Finance, and Treasurer, individually and as a representative of staff within his department
Scott Fletcher, Dean of the Graduate School, individually and as a representative of staff and faculty within his school

Barry Glassner, President
Anna Gonzalez, Dean of Students, individually and as a representative of staff within her department
Jennifer Johnson, Dean of the Law School, individually and as a representative of staff and faculty within her school
Catherine Gunther Kodat, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, individually and as a representative of faculty and staff within her school
Lisa Meyer, Dean of Enrollment and Communications, individually and as a representative of staff within her department

Janet Steverson, Dean of Diversity and Inclusion

Josh Walter, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, individually and as a representative of staff within his department

Federalist Society—CAS

Feminist Student Union–CAS

Fire Club—CAS

Fit Club—CAS

Food & Wine Law Society—Law School

Gente Latina Unida [GLU]—CAS

Graduate Men’s Network—GSEC

Hawaii Club—CAS

Health Law Society—Law School


            Rachel Applebaum, Leader

            Hannah Exler, Leader

            Alex Raphael, Leader

            Elizabeth Goldsmith, Leader

            Sheridan Shenkin, Leader

Hip Hop Club—CAS

            Elisha Stevens, Co-President

Gabriela Lopez, Co-President

Amaris Bouchard, Treasurer

Historical Fencing Society, Haley Halperin Perry, President—CAS

If/When/How—Law School

Immigration Student Group—Law School

International Students of Lewis & Clark [ISLC]—CAS

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship—CAS

J Street U, Naomi-Goldman Nagel, leader, Jack Levin, leader, and Ellen Schwartz, leader—CAS

Latino Law Society—Law School

Lewis & Clark Amnesty International—CAS

Lewis & Clark Anime Club—CAS

Lewis & Clark Gaming Society—CAS

Lewis & Clark Secular Legal Society—Law School

Lewis & Clark Women’s Rugby—CAS

Liberty in North Korea [LiNK], Erin Keoppen, President—CAS

Men’s Club Soccer—CAS

National Lawyers Guild [NLG]—Law School

Native American Law Student Association [NALSA]—Law School

Outlaw, Matt Norris, President—Law School

Parkour and Freerunning Club—CAS

Pioneer Log—CAS

Pre-Health Professions Club, Jackson Thein, President—CAS

Project Pengyou—CAS

Rusty Nail Co-op—CAS

Scuba Diving Club—CAS

Ski & Snowboard Club—CAS

Spanish Club—CAS

Students for International Environmental Law—Law School

Student Alumni Association [SAA]—CAS

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund [SALDF], Mae Bowman, President—Law School

Student Anti-Racist Coalition [SARC]—CAS

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee [SAAC] Executive Board—CAS

            Wiktoria Plawska—Co-Chair, Women’s Tennis

            Austin Conniff—Co-Chair, Baseball

            Kassie Kometani—Secretary, Women’s Swimming

            Evan Davison—Treasurer, Men’s Basketball

            Kelley Koeppen—Special Olympics Liaison, Women’s Basketball

            Kori Groenveld—ASLC Representative, Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field

Student Bar Association [SBA]—Law School

Students Engaged in Eco-Defense [Seed], Julie, Tarun, Evelyn, and Kiaora—CAS

Student Union Network [SUN], Liberty Miller, SUN Representative, GSEC

Third Culture Kids Club—CAS

Women’s Club Lacrosse Team, Jessie Wallace, Co-Captain—CAS

Women’s Law Caucus, Kaitlin Kelly, President—Law School

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