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Staff honored for years of service and commitment

January 19, 2010

This year’s staff recognition lunch, on January 22, will honor 71 faculty and staff for their years of loyal service to the College. Wanita McPherson, administrative specialist for teacher education, offers her thoughts on the 20 years she’s spent at Lewis & Clark.

What is the best part of your job?

Working with amazing students, faculty, and staff. Bright, committed, caring people. I feel so good about the work we all do.

What did you aspire to be when you were a kid?

Coming from a small community supported by farming and logging, I wanted to be just like the women in my family. They were totally devoted to family and focused on the kids, their schools, gardening, church, and community activities. They were busy all the time, and I couldn’t imagine how the family would survive without them—so my goal was to be just like them.  

What strikes you as the most unique moment in Lewis & Clark’s history during the time that you’ve been here?

I would have to say there have been several moments related to the tragedies over the past 20 years. Following the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center, Katrina, the war in Iraq, and now the tragedy in Haiti, to name a few, college leaders and administrators always pull together to provide a forum for students, faculty, and staff to assimilate the tragedy and move forward with understanding and commitment to help those in need.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love sports, reading, spending time with family and friends, and experiencing life at the foot of Mt. Hood.

What can you share about yourself that might surprise some people?

The summer of my junior year in high school, I was a lumber grader at a small family sawmill. That same summer, I attended a cheerleading camp at Lewis & Clark College and stayed in one of the dorms. Little did I know I would spend 20 years of my life at the college.

If you were given an unrestricted budget and unlimited resources, what would your department look like in five years?

We would have more scholarships for students, more staff to assist faculty with the incredible work they do, more classroom space, funding for research and guest speakers, and more money for our mentor teachers and supervisors who assist us in training our future teachers, counselors, and administrators.

What impresses you most about L&C as a whole?

The beautiful campus and the incredible people. I am thankful my son chose to attend Lewis & Clark in 1988, leading to my decision to follow in 1989. I have made so many great friends and am privileged to work with such outstanding faculty, staff, and students.

The staff recognition lunch celebrates each fifth anniversary of service to Lewis & Clark. Congratulations to following honorees:

One honored for 35 years of service: Susan Hubbuch, writing center.

One honored for 30 years of service: M’Lou Growden, utility worker, Facilities Services.

Four honored for 25 years of service: Howard Dean, lead groundskeeper, Facilities Services; Martha Spence, associate dean for academic affairs, law school; Wendy Washburn, assistant to the vice president/provost, Provost’s Office; and Duane Wheeler, duplicating center manager, law school.

Eight honored for 20 years of service: Mark Duntley, dean of the chapel, Chapel Office; Bob Gaillard, head men’s basketball coach and instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Thomas Lynn, groundskeeper, Facilities Services; Wanita McPherson, administrative specialist for teacher education, graduate school; Mark Pietrok, senior assistant director for sports medicine, Physical Education and Athletics; Maarit Reed, administrative coordinator, Foreign Languages; Barbara Roady, administrative specialist, Student Support Services; and Benny Yanez, supervisor, Campus Safety.

Nine honored for 15 Years of Service: Carla Almaraz, head of instructional technology, Paul L. Boley Law Library; Linda Bristol,  administrative coordinator for admissions, College of Arts and Sciences; Libby Davis, associate dean for career services, law school; Tami Gierloff, associate director, Paul L. Boley Law Library; Seneca Gray, assistant director of reference and research services, Paul L. Boley Law Library; Carolyn Locke, administrative coordinator, International Students and Scholars; Karin Sherer, associate dean of admissions, College of Arts and Sciences; Christopher Stevens, director of network and technical services, Information Technology; and Janice Weis, associate dean for environmental and natural resources law.

Twenty two for ten years of service: Larry Atchison, facilities manager, Facilities Services; Sean Bishop, general maintenance worker, Facilities Services; MaryJo Cheek, network and client services engineer, law school; Doreen Corwin, associate dean of faculty’s office, law school; Justin Counts, consultant for instructional media services, Information Technology; Anastacia Dillon, associate director of student financial services; Jerry Gammon, groundskeeper, Facilities Services; Judith Haley, administrative assistant for admissions, College of Arts and Sciences; Jim Kopp, direcor of the Aubrey R. Watzek Library; Nancy Magnus, administrative coordinator, Information Technology; Susan Mako, student loan and account specialist, Student and Departmental Account Services; Robert Nayer, director of operating and capital budgets, Finance Division; Arlen Nishida, officer, Campus Safety; Erika Quiggins, associate dean of admissions, College of Arts and Sciences; Reggie Raiford, general maintenance, Facilities Services; Marjorie Reedy, administrative assistant for admissions, College of Arts and Sciences; Patrick Ryall, director of instructional media services, Information Technology; Zachary Spiller, constituent systems manager for advancement services, Institutional Advancement; Elizabeth Stephens, assistant dean for continuing legal education, Oregon Law Institute; Carolin Thompson, office manager, Lewis & Clark Legal Clinic; Jerry Vandecoevering, groundskeeper, Facilities Services; and Edward VanKleek, general aintenance, Facilities Services.

Twenty six honored for five years of service: Jeff Allman, digital resources coordinator, Paul L. Boley Law Library; Tara Boatman, athletic trainer and injury rehab specialist, Physical Education and Athletics; Kylee Brandt, assistant dean of admissions and admissions counselor, College of Arts and Sciences; Diane Crabtree, registrar, College of Arts and Sciences; Karen Fobert, senior assistant director, Student Financial Services; Dinari Foreman, intramural director and assistant men’s basketball coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Juli Fulks, head women’s softball and basketball coach and instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Steven Greig, officer, Campus Safety; Sharon Hayes, assistant director, Facilities Services; Ellen Jones, director of career services, law school; Sheri Kruger*, administrative assistant for admissions, Graduate School; Diana Mann, administrative assistant for career services, law school; Joanie May, administrative coordinator for core curriculum, College of Arts and Sciences; Christy McMurtry, administrative assistant for teacher education, graduate school; Rosslyn Nayer, administrative assistant, Provost’s Office; Juleen Norling, administrative coordinator for counseling psychology, graduate school; Joan O’Brien, administrative specialist for the registrar’s office, graduate school; Melissa Osmond, associate director for health promotion, Dean of Students’ Office; Kermit Pace, dispatcher and general vehicle maintenance worker, Facilities Services; Kate Rubick, reference librarian, Aubrey R. Watzek Library; Diane Semet, administrative assistant for the registrar’s office, graduate school; Karen Swan, administrative assistant for advancement services, Institutional Advancement; Linda Thompson, audio visual support specialist, Information Technology; Margaret Thomson, administrative coordinator for career services, law school; Robyn Ward, serial acquisitions specialist, Aubrey R. Watzek Library; Matthew West, network and systems administrator, Information Technology; and Marsha White, internship and practicum administrator for counseling psychology, graduate school.

*Sheri Kruger is being honored for six years of service—her name was omitted in error last year.