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Automated Phone System Launches This Week

June 17, 2019

This week, Lewis & Clark’s main phone line (503-768-7000) will transition from a live operator to an automated phone system. The change will only impact calls to the main linewhich averages around 35 calls per dayand not the direct calls that go to offices or individuals.

Over the past few months, a committee has developed Lewis & Clark’s phone tree. The phone tree’s structure is driven by historical phone activity.

Callers will have the following options:
  • Option 1: Campus Safety
  • Option 2: A voice-enabled directory to find any name listed in the college directory (either employees or departments)
  • Options 3–6: Call trees for CAS, Grad, Law, and Common Services
  • Option 7: Institutional Advancement
  • Option 8: Conferences and Events
  • Option 0: A live operator to direct the call

The term “hunt group” within the phone tree refers to a group of phones that will ring within an organizational unit. Based on the typical volume of calls to the main line, the number of calls to any one hunt group or individual through the phone tree is expected to be minimal.

The system is currently up for testing and is expected to go live this week. To get a sneak peek of the system, please dial the test number (503-768-7002) and try it out.

“As we roll this out for the first time, we appreciate your patience and service directed to those on the phone,” Associate Vice President for Finance/Controller Andrea Dooley said. “We are able to make changes and improvements to the system, so we are very interested in your feedback.”

The phone tree implementation committee asks that all employees take a few minutes to identify where your number resides on the phone tree and review the instructions for transferring a call.

For the first few weeks of the transition, phone tree activity will be tracked. Once the volume of calls is established, a decision will be made on the ultimate landing place for the “press zero” option in the main menu.

If you have any questions or want to offer feedback, please contact Information Technology ( or 503-768-7225).