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Lewis & Clark’s Street Addresses Will Change May 1

November 13, 2019

In an effort to improve 9-1-1 dispatcher emergency response time, the Portland City Council will divide Southwest Portland in two on May 1, creating a sixth sextant called South Portland. Area street addresses will change as a result. 

South Portland will include most Lewis & Clark properties and roughly 10,000 addresses in the South Waterfront, Collins View, and Riverdale neighborhoods. 

The new addressing system will call for S.W. to change to S. in most of Lewis & Clark’s street addresses and will eliminate any leading zeros. In some cases, entire street numbers will change to more accurately reflect geographical locations.  

Zip codes will remain the same.

The U.S. Postal Service will begin recognizing the new addresses on May 1, 2020. USPS will continue to honor old addresses, as well, for a full year. After April 30, 2021, the postal service will recognize only the new addresses. 

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) plans to begin installing new street name signs with the South designation alongside existing street name signs in 2020. Any street name signs marked Southwest will be removed in May 2025.

The anticipated improvement to the safety of our campus community is extremely important to us,” Lewis & Clark Director of Public Relations and Emergency Steering Team member Roy Kaufmann said. ”PBOT provided us ample lead time for implementation, and worked with us to select preferred addresses.”  

Lewis & Clark community members should plan to notify off-campus contacts of the address changes and update any data systems. Departments and offices should consider the timing of the address changes when deciding quantities for stationery product orders and other print pieces featuring a Lewis & Clark address. 

The street addresses for Lewis & Clark’s primary properties change May 1 to the following:

Graduate Campus: 858 S. Palatine Hill Road
Law Campus: 10101 S. Terwilliger Boulevard
Undergraduate Campus: 615 S. Palatine Hill Road
Cooley House: 1800 S. Greenwood Road

For more information about the PBOT plan, visit the South Portland Address Project website. If you have questions about Lewis & Clark addresses, please contact Project Manager for Marketing and Publications Janna Clark.