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Kim and Twins Featured in Washington Post Magazine

December 16, 2019

  • Stacey Kim, center, with her twins, Riley, left, and Maddie, 13, in Portland, Ore. They were 10 months old when their father, John, died in 2007. (Alisha Jucevic for The Washington Post)

Director of Marketing Stacey Kim and her twin children were featured this month in the Washington Post Magazine article Hereafter: What does it mean to create new life when one parent is dying?

Washington Post staff writer Caitlin Gibson contacted Kim in February 2019 about the idea of a feature story focusing on parents who choose to have children even when one partner has a terminal medical diagnosis. While doing some background research for the story, Gibson found a reference to the blog that Kim kept during her husband John’s illness and the twins’ early years, and based on that, Gibson decided to contact Kim to see if she would be interested in being profiled.

“After that initial conversation, we had a few lengthy phone calls, culminating with a three-day visit from Caitlin in October,” Kim said. “She spent time interviewing, me, Maddie, and Riley individually and as a family, and also just sharing time with us: eating meals, playing games, observing our routine. She was incredibly sensitive, thoughtful, and respectful, and it was truly an honor to share our story with her and help her to get it out into the world.” 

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