June 15, 2020

Lewis & Clark Improves User ID and Gmail Account Creation Process

Last month, Lewis & Clark improved its gmail account creation process for new employees and students. This change was made in order to differentiate email addresses from identity and is part of Lewis & Clark’s commitment to equity and inclusion. This new process will allow individuals with legal or chosen name changes to easily update their email alias and display name in the multiple systems used at Lewis & Clark such as Moodle, WebAdvisor, and Workday.

Note that this change will only impact new students and employees who have entered Lewis & Clark after May 13, 2020. All current accounts will remain unchanged.

All new students and employees will now be assigned an automatically generated username such as lc20-0123. The first two digits are determined by the year the new employee or student enters Lewis & Clark. The last four digits are sequential numbers assigned at admission/hiring. During the account creation process, new students and employees will be asked to choose a preferred email alias based on their legal or preferred name. This chosen alias is what will be used when sending or receiving messages through their Lewis & Clark gmail account. The assigned numerical username is what individuals will now use when logging into L&C systems.

“Many larger institutions have used this practice for years, and by adopting it we can prevent future frustrations and allow for greater flexibility for individuals,” Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer Adam Buchwald said. 

More detailed information is available in the following documents:

If individuals do not remember their new username they can use the What’s my User ID? tool on the WebAdvisor homepage.