June 25, 2020

Goddard Pens Summer Plant Guide For Kids

  • Director of Enterprise Applications Meredith Goddard

Director of Enterprise Applications Meredith Goddard has co-created a Portland summer plants and trees guide for young people. Sidewalk Explorers was created to “inspire young people to develop a relationship with the natural world and to care for all that is green around us in the Pacific Northwest.”

“My three year old was the inspiration for this guide,” Goddard said. “It has been so fun to see her proudly identify plants on our neighborhood walks. I wanted to share that feeling with other children and their parents.”

The guide is accessible, seasonal, and filled with interesting plant facts curated to appeal to kids of all ages.

“I hope this guide adds adventure, discovery, and learning to your neighborhood walks as we all stay close to home this summer,” Goddard said.