September 21, 2020

Associate Professor of Psychology and the Director of Academic Advising Janet Davidson Retires

Associate Professor of Psychology Janet E. Davidson won the Professor of the Year award in 1997. Her PhD is from Yale University (1989). Her research focused on several aspects of problem solving, including the roles that insight and metacognitive skills play in problem solving performance and giftedness across the lifespan. In 1988, she won a Mensa Education and Research Foundation Award for Excellence. She and Robert J. Sternberg have edited four books, The Psychology of Problem Solving (2003), Conceptions of Giftedness (1986), The Nature of Insight (1995), and a second edition of Conceptions of Giftedness in 2005. She was the recipient of the David Savage Award in 2014. She has served as the Director of Advising since 2015.