April 18, 2022

Lewis & Clark Honors 109 Staff for Their Years of Service

Lewis & Clark employees who reached service milestones in both 2020 and 2021 gathered at a luncheon on campus last week to celebrate. Watch the photo slideshow and see the full list of honorees. 

“Thank you for all the effort you and the planning committee have invested to make this event a success!” —Sherron M. Stonecypher, MEd, celebrating 20 years of service

“Thank you to you and the committee for your hard work on the event.” —Julia Unangst, celebrating five years of service

“Thank you all for all you have done to show appreciation. It is greatly appreciated.” —Leslie Dawson, celebrating five years of service

Congratulations to all of the honorees*:

One honored for 40 years of service: Jennifer Johnson, dean, law school.

Two honored for 35 years of service: Emily Decker, senior associate director, Alumni and Parent Programs, and Kenneth Dodson, carpenter/locksmith, Facilities Services.

Four honored for 25 years of service: Richard Austin, paint shop lead, Facilities Services; Amy Drill, art director, Public Affairs and Communications, Alan Younis, program manager for scientific instrumentation, Math and Natural Sciences; and Joe Yuska, director, College Outdoors.

Eleven honored for 20 years of service: Kerry Barnes, interim director and student account coordinator, Student and Departmental Account Services; Jabu Boka, fleet mechanic, Facilities Services; Rebecca Brooks, associate director, Office of Student Accessibility; Mark Dahl, director, Watzek Library; Lisa Garcia, administrative coordinator, law business services; Andy Marion, legal specialist III, Dean of Law Faculty; Marily Quesnel, associate director for admission systems, CAS Admissions; Sherron Stonecypher, director, Conferences and Events, Bruce Suttmeier, dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Beth Trubits, medical lab manager/assistant clinic manager, Student Health Service; and Laura Tucker, catalog librarian, Watzek Library.

Seventeen honored for 15 years of service: Kristin Baker, administrative specialist, Career Center; Tara Boatman, associate head athletic trainer, Physical Education and Athletics; Matty Davis, departmental specialist, law school; Daena Goldsmith, associate dean/professor, College of Arts and Sciences; Lynn Jensen, administrative assistant III, Financial Aid; Liz Hobbs, administrative specialist, Law School Student Affairs; Stephen LeBoutillier, director of annual giving, Advancement; Kaiti Lemon, administrative specialist and CAS advisor, College Advising Center; Linda Lopeman, events coordinator, law school; Ronda Merryman, gifts management coordinator, Advancement Services; Brooke Mill, assistant registrar, law school, Hoa Nguyen Dang, computer science lab technician, Mathematical Sciences; Melissa Roane, acquisitions and cataloging specialist, Watzek Library; Thomas Stephenson, senior symptoms administrator, Information Technology; Samuel Taylor, head crew coach/instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Alison Walcott, administrative assistant IV and Director of the Pamplin Society, Art; and Cindy Wyllie, financial aid specialist, Financial Aid.

Twenty-six honored for ten years of service: Kevin Cassidy, staff attorney, Earthrise Law Center; Casey Barnes, maintenance engineer II, Facilities Services; Bridget Flaherty, associate director, International Student Services; Lucy Brehm, assistant director, law school; David Burgess, controls technician, Facilities Services; Michael Coiner, marketing coordinator, Public Affairs and Communications; Eileen Dowty, associate director, Office of student accessibility; Amy Dvorak, senior director, Sustainability; Hollie Elliott, ​​associate vide president, CAS Admissions; Judy Finch, registrar and program director, Registrar’s Office; Ian Gadberry, dispatcher general maintenance vanpool, Facilities Services; Brian Gardner, maintenance engineer, Facilities Services; Donna Kerr, administrative coordinator, Mathematical Sciences; Rebecca Khalil, staff attorney, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Yvon Kozma, circulation and resource sharing specialist; Amy Liu, staff attorney, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Tara McIrvin, associate director, Alumni, Parent, and Student Engagement; Laura Mundt, administrative specialist, Environmental Studies; Kelsey Neussi, senior assistant director, Office of Financial Aid; Nina Olken, associate director, Career Center; Michelle Pennock, technical support coordinator, Information Technology; Douglas Ross, dispatcher, Campus Safety; Barbara Shepperson, director, research and assessment; Matsya Siosal, director, Center for Community Engagement; James Tursi, head women’s soccer coach/instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Dawn Wilson, administrative specialist; CAS Core Curriculum; and Tammy Jo Wilson, visual arts and technology program manager, Art.

Forty-eight honored for five years of service: Jolie Allen, student account specialist, Student and Department Account Services; Amy Baskin, community friends program coordinator, Academic English Studies; Tyler Bearden, technology support specialist, Information Technology; Hayley Bentley, associate registrar, CAS Registrar’s Office; Kim Bernick, director of communications, Jessica Black, assistant director, Financial Aid; Nicole Brockway, microscopy technician, Biology and Psychology; Aaron Campbell, head track and field coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Rocky Campbell, assistant dean of student engagement and executive director, Career Center; Shanta Calem, administrative specialist and adjunct faculty, Teacher Education; Todd Davis, administrative specialist, Alumni and Parent Programs; Hannah Crumme, head of special collections and college archivist, Watzek Library; Jessica Daniel, lab director/instructor, Chemistry; Brian Dasso, staff attorney, Small Business Legal Clinic; Leslie Dawson, administrative coordinator, Graduate School Finance and Operations; Paola Dennis, administrative specialist, International Student Services; Andrea Dooley, chief financial officer and vice president of operations, Finance Division; Chris Factor, groundskeeper, Facilities Services; Adam Ferrel, lead general maintenance, Facilities Services; Nick Fromherz, staff attorney, law school; Justin Henderso, director, Lewis & Clark Community Counseling Center; Sam Hunt, assistant property manager for the Cooley House, Facilities Services; Mimi Huang, assistant dean, Law Admissions; Jen Jacobs, head of access services, Watzek Library; Bernette Jenkins-Pleas, administrative specialist, Educational Leadership; Erica Jensen, research and instruction librarian, Watzek Library; Stacey Kim, director of marketing and communications, Public Affairs and Communications; Steve LaFollette, serials and electronic resources specialist, Watzek Library; Caroline Mead, associate director of alumni, parent, and student engagement, Alumni and Parent Programs; Heather Miner, college advisor, College Advising Center; Julie Newsome, senior associate director of annual giving, Advancement; Aiden Niven, officer, Campus Safety; Kelly Novahom, program manager, Center for Community Engagement; Susan Nunes, performance events coordinator, Music; Blair Orfall, program coordinator, World Languages and Literatures; Patricia Palczewska, educational technologist, Information Technology; Caitlin Peel, associate director of marketing, Public Affairs and Communications; Dierk Polzin, developer/analyst, Information Technology; Kori Rosenstiel, operations manager, College Outdoors; Karen Russell, budget and financial administrator, Earthrise Law Center; Ben Skaggs, general maintenance worker, Law Facilities Services; Lauren Shoup Lottman, director, Advancement Services; Tim Smale, technology support specialist, Information Technology; Chris Stecher, director of institutional operations, Information Technology; Leslie Thomas, executive assistant to the VP, secretary and general counsel, President’s Office; Steven Tyrrill, general maintenance, Facilities Services; Julia Unangst, assistant director, Corporate and Foundation Relations; and Josh Walter, vice president, Advancement.

*Please note: The is story has been updated to include the full list of 2021 Honorees. Thank you for your patience! We regret the error. 

Visit Human Resources for the archive of staff who have been recognized over the past several years.

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