February 02, 2024

Art Director Amy Drill Retires After 28 Years

Art Director Amy Drill has retired from Lewis & Clark after 28 years in the Office of Communications (formerly known as Public Affairs and Communications, or PubCom).

Art Director Amy Drill Art Director Amy Drill“As a member of the communications team, Amy has worked directly with a wide range of students, faculty, and staff across all three of our schools,” said Associate Vice President for Communications Stacey Kim. “The scope of Amy’s impact is difficult to comprehend. Hundreds of thousands of prospective students have held marketing materials Amy designed in their hands. The institution’s brand and aesthetics have been shaped by Amy for nearly three decades. I’m sure all of you have appreciated Amy’s immense talent, dedication, work ethic, humor, style, and strength—among other things—as I have.”

Amy’s role over the years has been primarily about providing art direction, design, and branding. From visual identity standards to postcards to strategic plans to posters for symposia to email headers to logo use guidelines, Amy has helped to sharpen Lewis & Clark’s visual identity and help people visually meet their communications needs. 

“Amy has made a tremendous positive impact on an organization that serves thousands of people,” Vice President of Communications Lori Friedman said.

Over her 28 years, Amy has worked with five L&C presidents (not counting interim presidents), five heads of the Office of Communications, and an endless parade of admissions and advancement staff, among others.

“It’s hard for me to imagine our office without Amy,” Editorial Director Shelly Meyer said, having worked with Amy for the past 25 years. “She has played a key role in shaping who we are, both as an office and as an institution with a compelling visual identity. We have all benefited from her top-notch design work, but also her smarts, organizational skills, and follow-through. Thank you, Amy, for being a terrific friend and colleague. I refuse to say ‘goodbye’ and will, instead, say ‘until next time.’”

The campus community is invited to share their gratitude for Amy’s retirement party in Gregg Pavilion on Wednesday, February 21, from 3 to 5 p.m.

Please add your fond farewell message to this Kudoboard which will be delivered to Amy on the day of the party: https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/N8fFHrvc