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Staff honored for years of loyal service

January 18, 2011

  • Bud Henderson, lead general maintenance worker

This year’s staff recognition lunch on Friday, January 21, will honor 63 staff members for their years of loyal service to the College. Bud Henderson, lead general maintenance worker, will be honored for 25 years of service.  

“I’m just the grease that keeps the gears moving here, and I’ve had a blast,” Henderson said. “I’m retiring in May, but I’m not going to disappear—the good people here won’t get off that easy. I’ll have lots of free time to spend interrupting them!”

The staff recognition lunch celebrates each fifth anniversary of service to Lewis & Clark. Congratulations to following honorees:

One honored for 35 years of service: Nancy Kalvelage, Student Health Service

Two honored for 30 years of service: Larry Meyers, Overseas and Off-Campus Programs; and Clifford Wright, Facilities Services

Four honored for 25 years of service: Emily Decker, Admissions—College of Arts and Sciences; Kenneth Dodson, Facilities Services; Bud Henderson, Facilities Services; and Linda Quandt, Registrar’s Office—Law School

Five honored for 20 years of service: Anne Boal, Mathematical Sciences; Vicky Foster, Mail Room; Jane Hunter, Dean’s Office—College of Arts and Sciences; Dean Mendenhall, Facilities Services; and Linda Piper, Facilities Services

Eight honored for 15 years of service: Mamie Dec, Counseling Psychology; Amy Drill, Public Affairs and Communications; Jackie Foster, Paul L. Boley Law Library; Jessica Odom, Information Technology; Don Reeve, Information Technology; Barbara Roberts, Physics; Kristi Williams, Academic Advising; and Alan Younis, Chemistry

Twenty-three for 10 years of service: Kathy Anderson, Economics; Terri Banasek, Dean’s Office—College of Arts and Sciences; Jay Beaman, Provost’s Office; Jabu Boka, Facilities Services; Jill Briney, Admissions—College of Arts and Sciences; Alana Carson, Paul L. Boley Law Library; Shannon Davis, Admissions—Law School; David Ellis, President’s Office; Lisa Garcia, Business Services—Law School; Lin Harmon, Environmental and Natural Resources Law; Kelly Hoover, Campus Living; Velma Kaluza, Registrar’s Office—College of Arts and Sciences; Denise King, Facilities Services; Darlene Koumentis, Finance Division; Molly Miles, Art; Marily Quesnel, Information Technology; Cherilyn Ronningen, Registrar’s Office—College of Arts and Sciences; Allen Sisco, Facilities Services; Annette Skaugset, Educational Leadership; Laurisa Stubblefield, Paul L. Boley Law Library; Laura Tucker, Aubrey R. Watzek Library; Leslie Wagner, Information Technology; and Bruce Williamson, Computing Services—Law School

Twenty honored for five years of service: Melanie Allen, External Relations—Law School; Kris Codron, Human Resources; Maurine Cromwell, Human Resources; Hoa Nguyen Dang, Mathematical Sciences; Matty Davis, Business Services—Law School; Liv Edens, Campus Living; Jim Enright, Public Affairs and Communications; Jeff Hanson, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Liz Hobbs, Academic Affairs—Law School; Mary Jackson, Admissions—College of Arts and Sciences; Stephen LeBoutillier, Alumni and Parent Programs—Institutional Advancement; Curt Luttrell, Registrar’s Office—Graduate School; Ronda Merryman, Advancement Services—Institutional Advancement; Brooke Mill, Registrar’s Office—Law School; Melissa Roane, Aubrey R. Watzek Library; Sam Taylor, Physical Education and Athletics; Stefanie Thiel, Business Services—Law School; Alison Walcott, History; Cindy Wyllie, Student Financial Services; and Sumiko Yourtee, Student and Departmental Account Services