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Crooker’s lamb report: President Hochstettler meets Lewis and Clark

April 30, 2009

Tim and Charlotte Surgenor, parents of a Lewis & Clark student, kindly hosted a dinner at their home in Dover, MA for Boston-area alumni and parents, with President Hochstettler as the guest of honor…until he was upstaged by two unexpected guests.

Upon arrival at the Surgenor’s beautiful old farm, President Hochstettler and AVP for Development Catherine Crooker were met by their host decked out in big rubber boots and jeans, carrying a bucket of hot water out to the barn. Tim Surgenor, a high-tech executive in real life, apologized for not being ready for the dinner, but said he was busy helping with the birth of two little lambs that had arrived 45-minutes prior.

One of the Surgenor’s four welsh sheep had picked the day of the Lewis & Clark event to have her lambs. So while Charlotte Surgenor was busily getting ready for a house full of guests, things were hopping in the barn with the arrival of the two little black rams.

In honor of the event that day, it was decided that the two little fellows would be named “Lewis” and “Clark.” After a delightful evening of food, good conversation and updates on the college, the guests, suits and fine shoes and all, got a tour of the barn to see little Lewis and Clark. Reports are the lambs are doing well, and have graduated from the barn/nursery to play in the spring sunshine.

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Catherine Crooker, Associate Vice President for Development