Bulk/Standard Permit Mailings

New zip codes and major zip code changes for the past year.

New Address Standards for Flat size Mail- Effective March 29, 2009

Preparation of Bulk/Standard Permit Mailings

  1. Bulk mailings must pertain only to Lewis & Clark sponsored initiatives.
  2. A 200 piece minimum is required.
  3. All pieces must be IDENTICAL in content, size and weight. No personal messages can be added.
  4. The department name and return address must be on the envelope or brochure.
  5. The weight per piece cannot be over 15 1/2 ounces.
  6. A nonprofit permit imprint must be in the upper right hand corner and must be legible. It can be preprinted or you can use the rubber stamp available in the Mail Room.
  7. Envelopes must be in zip code order, all 5 digits, lowest number in front to highest in back.
  8. Bulk mail is for domestic use only. Foreign mail cannot be included; Mexico and Canada are considered foreign.
  9. A GL code and piece count must accompany you mailing.
  10. The Mail Room equipment will seal Size #10 letter envelopes. Larger envelopes must be pre-sealed.
  11. Folded brochures may be mailed with the bulk permit. The same rules as above apply. If copy paper is used, it must be at least 3 sheets thick to be machinable. There is a non-machinable surcharge for Regular and Nonprofit Standard mail LETTERS.
  12. Plan ahead. Bulk mailings take several days longer to get into the system.
  13. Let the Mail Room know about the mailing ahead of time, so sufficient funds, staffing and transportation to the Post Office will be available. Call x7869. PLEASE NOTE: You may need to bring the mailing to the Post Office yourself (at the Portland Airport).
  14. Bulk Mailings over 5,000 pieces may be sent to a Mail House Vendor off campus for processing. PLEASE NOTE: If you do so, you must contact the Manager, Stephanie Takashima, to also ensure that there are enough funds in this account. To also be certain that the correct budget code is charged, you will need to enter the pertinent information in the Bulk Mailing spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/a/lclark.edu/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Am5150iTl35udDVlMXZIaG10ZjlLNXRNSXpOUy1md3c#gid=0.         Let Stephanie know that you need access to this Google spreadsheet as well.

If you have any questions, please call the Mail Room at x7867.