Veterans Services - Lewis & Clark

Are all programs at Lewis & Clark approved for VA education benefits?

No, not all programs are approved for VA education benefits. A complete list of approved programs can be found using the VA’s WEAMS Institution tool. To search for specific programs after locating Lewis & Clark, select “Programs” near the top of the page then either “Institution of Higher Learning” for degree programs or “Non College Degree” for graduate certificate programs.

Where can I find information about my educational entitlement?

The VA strongly encourages you to register and utilize eBenefits. This program can assist you with:

  • Obtaining up to date information on your entitlement.
  • Updating your direct deposit, and personal contact information.
  • Downloading VA letters and personal documents.
  • Viewing the current status of your payments.

Where can I find information about payment rates?

The payment rates for the different education benefit programs can be found on the VA Rate Tables page. The payment rates are effective starting on August 1 each year. The start date of a course is the determining factor in the payment rate, not the ending date of the course.

For Chapter 33 benefits recipients, information about the monthly housing allowance and the book & supplies stipend can be found on the payment rates table page linked above.

For Chapter 33 recipients only, how is the monthly housing allowance determined?

The monthly housing allowance is determined based on the zip code of where the majority of your credits are earned. For courses taken on campus the zip code reported will be 97219. For internships, externships, and overseas study, the zip code will be reported based on the physical location of your coursework.