Yellow Ribbon

Chapter 33 Yellow Ribbon

Lewis & Clark College participates in the Yellow Ribbon program for students who have 100% tuition coverage under Chapter 33 only. A student’s Certificate of Eligibility will indicate if a student is eligible to receive Yellow Ribbon funding.

The Yellow Ribbon program is an optional program that allows schools to enter into an agreement with the VA to fund the tuition and fees that exceed the maximum yearly cap for Chapter 33 benefits. The yearly payment rates can be found on the VA Rate Tables page.

For eligible students, Lewis & Clark’s Yellow Ribbon participation is as follows:

  • Undergraduate students - $5500 for an unlimited number of students
  • Graduate students - $3000 for a maximum of 10 students
  • Law students - $5000/year for a maximum of 15 students

The VA will then match the same amount as Lewis & Clark.

The Yellow Ribbon funds cannot exceed the tuition & Fee amount charged to the student (housing and non-mandatory fees do not apply). Yellow Ribbon participation availability is on a first come, first served basis. Lewis & Clark’s participation in the Yellow Ribbon program is reviewed on an annual basis.