When you click on an event, it appears within the calendar. 



Calendar Templates

Listed below are the unique calendar templates, with their own header and footer. All three calendars use the same calendar-settings include that determines which features show in the calendar. You can customize these settings per-calendar by copying the settings directly into the template:

  • /_ingredients/templates/2021/law-calendar.php
  • /_ingredients/templates/2021/grad-calendar.php
  • /_ingredients/templates/ncvli/ncvli-calendar.php



The event details template isn’t used -  even if specified in a widget, the event will bypass this template and go straight to the calendar. There is a setting in LiveWhale public config that turns off the event details template, and displays events in the calendar instead:


The calendar must be located at /calendars/events on each subdomain. When you add an events widget to one of these subdomains, it automatically shows the event in the calendar on that subdomain, even if the event belongs to a different group, ie. all event widgets on the grad site link to the grad calendar. 

Widget Configuration

A few other calendars have their own header and footer (like the NVCLI site). The events widgets that point to these calendars need some extra configuration. They don’t automatically go to the right calendar unless you change the event link in the widget.

  • First create a new calendar template for your site, with unique header and footer, then create a calendar page and assign to this template.
  • Then create an events widget. Use the widget template Events Bulletin for a nice display.
  • In the widget format, instead of using event {title} which contains a default link, use {title_clean} and point to the new calendar page you just created:
<a href="//!view/event/event_id/{id}">{title_clean}</a>
  • Finally, add this widget to any page where you want events to link to this calendar.