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Financial Aid

How to Apply

for first-year & incoming transfer students

Applying for need-based aid

As an incoming student in the 2016-17 academic year, you will need to:

  1. Apply for admission to Lewis & Clark. Only students who are admitted to the College will be considered for financial aid.
  2. Complete the 2016-17 FAFSA by February 15, 2016.
    • Available beginning January 1, 2016
    • Website:
    • Lewis & Clark College Federal School Code: 003197
    • Used to determine eligibility for federal and state student aid funds
    • Students applying through the Early Decision Program who submit their FAFSA by January 5, 2016 may be able to finalize their financial aid award prior to the decision deadline.
  3. Complete the 2016-17 CSS PROFILE by February 15, 2016.
    • Available beginning October 2015
    • Website:
    • Lewis & Clark College CSS ID#:  4384
    • Along with the FAFSA, the Profile will be used to determine your eligibility for Lewis & Clark student aid funds
    • Students applying through the Early Decision Program must submit their CSS Profile by November 15, 2015.

Note: You should file the FAFSA and CSS Profile with estimated income information if necessary, rather than risk missing the priority deadline date.

Applying for merit-based scholarships

Your application for admission will also be used to consider you for merit-based scholarships from the College.

Helpful hints in the application process

  • Keep copies of all documents submitted in case questions arise concerning your application.
  • Complete the admission process, but do not wait for notification of admission to apply for financial assistance. You should apply for admission and financial aid simultaneously.
  • For those applying under the Early Action, Regular and/or Transfer admissions options: If you miss the priority deadline of February 15th, you can still apply for financial assistance. Complete the application materials as soon as you can. Late applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. Financial aid will be offered based on funding levels at the time of review.
  • If there is any information submitted on the financial aid application forms which you feel needs further explanation, please submit written clarification in the “Explanations” section of the CSS PROFILE or send a letter directly to us.
  • If you are interested in receiving ONLY federal and state financial aid funds, you are not required to submit the CSS Profile.  However, we strongly encourage all students to submit both the FAFSA and the CSS Profile so we can consider you for Lewis & Clark funded student aid sources.

After the forms are filed

If we request more information…
You may receive a request for additional information to determine your eligibility for need-based financial aid. Please respond as quickly as possible—a delay in responding will delay our ability to provide you with an offer of financial assistance.

Your Financial Aid Award Letter…
If you are admitted to Lewis & Clark and we have received your FAFSA and PROFILE, we will send you an an email with instructions for viewing your Financial Aid Award Letter online. This Award Letter will indicate the programs and amounts of assistance being offered to you. It is important that you read the award letter carefully. In some cases the offer being made is an “ESTIMATE,” pending the receipt of additional documentation we have requested from you. If this is the case you will need to provide the requested documentation before the award offer may be finalized; which may include a revised award offer.

If you do not qualify for need-based aid, you will receive an Award Letter indicating your eligibility for Direct Unsubsidized Loan in addition to any merit-based scholarships awarded through the Office of Admissions.

Carefully read the Financial Aid Guide…
You will be asked to review the Financial Aid Guide, which provides instructions on how to complete Verification if necessary, and secure the loans and/or work-study funding offered to you. No additional steps are required to accept grant or scholarship aid.

And if you decide to join the Lewis & Clark community…
You must also pay a tuition deposit to the Office of Admissions to reserve your place in the entering class and to secure your finalized financial aid award. Instructions about the tuition deposit will be included in your letter of acceptance from the Office of Admissions.

Further Information

Financial Aid - 503-768-7090

Admissions - 503-768-7040

Campus Living - 503-768-7123

Registrar - 503-768-7325

Student and Departmental Account Services - 503-768-7829

Office of Student Access and Completion

Federal Student Aid Information Center
General Information - 800-433-3243
Application status - 319-337-5665
Information for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (TDD) - 800-730-8913