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Please view the training materials on the links below for more information about using Workday.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • When do I need to submit my hours/when I need to approve my employee’s hours?
    In general, we recommend that you submit/approve hours on a weekly basis. The final deadline to submit/approve is 2 days after the last day of the period by 11:59pm (the 17th for Non-Exempt Employees, and the 2nd for Student Employees)
  • I always work the same schedule. What is the fastest/easiest way to enter my time?
    Auto-fill from previous week! If anything changes, you can always go in and edit the time blocks once they are on your time card.

  • The last day of the pay period is midweek. Is it still OK to submit, even though I don’t have hours entered for the rest of the week? Will I be able to enter hours on that week later and resubmit?
    Yes, even if the last day of the pay period is midweek (15th), you should still submit. Once the first day of the next period is here (16th), you will be able to submit hours on those days. When you resubmit the week, you will only be paid for the new hours in the new period.

  • The time approval deadline falls on the weekend. I don’t work weekends. What do I do?
    If supervisors would not like to do approval on the weekend, they should create a deadline on Friday that their employees finish submitting time for the month. Supervisors can then approve the time before they leave work.

  • My manager is out of town for the summer. How do I get my time worked and time off approved?
    Your manager should delegate that task to someone else in your department who can approve your time. Instructions can be found on the Supervisor Training Materials page.  If they have already left, contact HR to assist you in setting up that delegation. HR can also approve your time and time off requests if necessary.

  • What is City of Portland Sick Leave?
    The City of Portland has a Sick Time Ordinance that requires employers to provide paid sick leave to all employees not covered under another plan.  At Lewis & Clark College that is anyone less than 53% FTE, temporary employees, faculty, and adjuncts. Here are the basics: Based on hours from Jan. 1, 2014 forward, you accrue 1 hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked, to a maximum accrual of 40 hours per year. You are not eligible to use your sick time until you’ve worked 240 hours and 90 days.  If you are eligible for this plan, Workday handles all of the accrual calculation for you. You can view the balance in the Time Off section of Workday.
  • I work on Saturday and Sunday and Workday won’t let me submit a Time Off Request on the weekend.
    The default is for the system to ignore Saturday and Sunday requests, however, it is easy to override that. When the window pops up to enter the Time Off Type and Daily Quantity, there is one additional step. After you select the Time Off Type, a check box will appear called “Include All Selected Days.” Check that day to take Time Off on Saturday and Sundays.
Workday Browser Requirements

In order to access Workday, your browser must support Adobe® Flash Plug-in 10.1.53 or higher and your browser must be at least:

  • Internet Explorer 7 
  • Firefox 35
  • Google Chrome 31
  • Safari 6
  • Opera Browser 25

Note: If you are experiencing difficulties with your LC computer, system, network, or technical issues, please contact the IT department at


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