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Workday Training Materials

The following information, guides and videos will assist you in using the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) called Workday.


Accessing Workday

If you’d like to access the Workday login or ask a question please return to the Workday Information section which can be found by clicking on the Workday Information tab on the right side of this page.

In order to access Workday, your browser must support Adobe® Flash Plug-in 10.1.53 or higher and your browser must be at least:

  • Internet Explorer 9 
  • Firefox 4
  • Google Chrome 20
  • Windows Safari 5

Note: If you are experiencing difficulties with your LC computer, system, network, or technical issues, please contact the IT department at



Executives: Transaction Approval

In your role you will need to review and approve staff changes.  This guide will provide you with the step-by-step instructions on how to complete this process.


Staff and Faculty

Staff and Faculty: Benefit Change

You can make changes to your benefits if you experience a qualifying event such as marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, loss or gain of other insurance.  You have 31 days from the event to make any benefit changes.  Use this Guide to assist you in the process of making benefit changes in Workday.

Staff and Faculty:  Add Beneficiary To Life Insurance

This is to designate a beneficiary for LifeMap Life Insurances. To designate a TIAA-CREF 401(b) beneficiary, you will need to go on line at to make your beneficiary designation.

Staff and Faculty: Emergency Contact Change

Staff and Faculty: Home Address Change

Staff: Onboarding

This guide is for new staff members and you will be guided through how to complete your new hire process in Workday.  You will be asked to complete your new hire paperwork and review important employment information. 

Student Supervisors

Getting Started With Workday for Student Supervisors

This guide will provide you with directions on how to log into Workday and an overview of your Workday homepage called All About Me.

Student Supervisor: Time Approval

As a student supervisor you will need to approve each student worker’s time weekly.  This guide will provide you with the step-by-step instructions to approve their time.

Student Supervisor: Time Approval Video

Student Employees

Student Employees: Onboarding

If you are a new student worker you’ll need to complete your new hire paperwork.  Use this guide to help you step-by-step through the Onboarding process or if you need assistance in a particular section.

Student Employee: Time Entry

As a student worker you’ll need to enter your work hours weekly into Workday in order to be paid.  This guide will take you through this process.

Student Employee: Time Entry Video

Human Resources

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