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  • Would you like to update your address?
    Please update your address in Workday.


  • Direct Deposit                                                                                       Complete your direct deposit in Workday.
  • Form W-4                                                                                              Complete your W-4 Workday. Paper W-4s can be found through the
  • Time Sheet Template 2013-2014 (Hourly)                                               Record your regular hours, vacation, and sick pay.



Open Enrollment
  •  Open Enrollment 2014-15
    All you need to know about 2014-15 Open Enrollment in Workday is now listed on the Open Enrollment Page.
  •  Flexible Benefits & Debit Card Form for 2014-15 Open Enrollment
     If you have a Flex Debit Card that doesn’t expire during 2014-15, then you don’t need a new card, the old card will be refilled with your new contribution. If you need a card, please complete this form and send to Human Resources Department (fax, email or send) by March 7,2014 5 PM.
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Human Resources

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