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This guide is for new staff members and you will be guided through how to complete your new hire process in Workday.  You will be asked to complete your new hire paperwork and review important employment information. 

You can make changes to your benefits if you experience a qualifying event such as marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, loss or gain of other insurance.  You have 31 days from the event to make any benefit changes.  Use this Guide to assist you in the process of making benefit changes in Workday.

This is to designate a beneficiary for LifeMap Life Insurances. To designate a TIAA-CREF 401(b) beneficiary, you will need to go on line at to make your beneficiary designation.

You can change your 403(b) retirement anytime during the year. Limits for 2015 are $18,000 for regular contribution and $6,000 for catch-up if you are going to be 50 in 2015 or older. You can enter a dollar amount to be contributed monthly or a percentage and your contribution can be pre-tax or post-tax (Roth).


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