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President announces Strategic Initiative Awards for 2012-13

October 26, 2012

The President’s Strategic Initiatives Fund provides support for projects that help Lewis & Clark advance key initiatives. In order to be considered for funding, projects must serve a strategic interest, must represent a one-time expense, and must be sponsored by at least one Executive Council member. Projects that involve collaboration between two or more schools receive strong preference.

After reviewing Strategic Initiatives Fund proposals for 2012-13, President Glassner and Executive Council have approved the following projects:

  • Funds to faculty members for professional association memberships and research collaborations with students
  • Support for CAS and law students to plan and attend an international water conference in cooperation with the National Law University of Delhi, India
  • Funds for IT to develop infrastructure for video conferencing and online collaboration
  • Pilot program for a new Center for Community Development and Entrepreneurship (CAS and law)
  • Administrative support for the Strategic Planning Council and implementation teams
  • William Stafford Centennial photography exhibition
  • “William Stafford at 100” symposium 
  • Engagement of consultant to perform surveys and other research for the Office of Institutional Research
  • Funds for a team of CAS faculty and staff to attend academic advising training
  • Law school student recruitment video
  • Creation of Office of Strategic Partnerships and Clinical Placement within the graduate school
  • Engagement of consultant to assist the institution with preparation of comprehensive emergency management plan
  • Campus-visit travel stipends for international admitted law students
  • CAS Admissions admitted student fly-in program
  • iPads for graduate school classroom use
  • Travel fund for third-year graduating law students for job interviews outside of Oregon
  • Support for faculty travel to athletic events
  • Planning process to achieve academic integration in residence halls
  • Equipment and connectivity services for the graduate school Mobile Distance Learning project
  • Development of law school course and program dealing with poaching and other legal issues in Kenya
  • Collaborative effort with University of Barcelona and University of Basel to develop animal law online forum
  • Development of graduate school online curriculum and courses
  • Fundraising consultant to advise Institutional Advancement
  • Consultant to advise law school graduates on setting up solo practice
  • Graduate school forum for collaborating with international partners to develop courses and research projects
  • Implementation of CAS Admissions document-imaging project
  • Entrepreneurship “Winterim” program
  • U.S. Supreme Court Justice visit in the 2013-14 academic year
  • Development of a Green Energy Institute at the law school and CAS
  • IT Mobile Electronic Education Initiative
  • Programming for the Lewis & Clark Sustainability Council

For more information on these, please contact the Office of the President or the office of the appropriate dean.