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Employee Engagement Survey Results Are In

April 16, 2018

In its first-ever employee engagement survey, Lewis & Clark scored 3.82 on a scale of 1 to 5, or at the 52nd percentile in the higher education industry, with an instrument created and administered by Gallup. The response rate was 61 percent, as more than 550 employees completed the 12-question survey in late January and early February. The top-level results have now been shared with Executive Council, and plans are being made to share aggregated results with managers of large departments and divisions. No one at Lewis & Clark has access to individual results.

“Thank you to those who participated,” said Heyke Kirkendall-Baker, associate vice president and director of human resources. “This survey gives us baseline measurements and helps us recognize areas where Lewis & Clark is doing well in its culture and support, and where we can improve.”

Gallup defines an engaged employee as someone who is involved in and enthusiastic about their work:

  • They understand and are committed to their roles and enjoy the challenges.
  • They are in roles that use their talents and know the scope of their jobs.

The survey measures engagement by understanding information like whether employees feel respected at work and if they have the necessary tools and support to do their work.

At Lewis & Clark, 37 percent of respondents were considered “engaged” with their work, 51 percent “not engaged,” and 12 percent “actively disengaged.” For context, in the United States the average “engaged” score is 32 percent.

Executive Council, managers, and existing groups like the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion and the CARE Committee will work with Human Resources to develop plans that focus on meaningful improvements. A follow-up survey is planned for next academic year to measure progress. 

For more information, visit Lewis & Clark’s Employee Engagement Q12 resource page.