December 01, 2023

Transportation and Parking - Winter Break Updates

Lewis & Clark Community,

As we approach the conclusion of the 2023 fall semester, the Transportation and Parking office wishes to provide you with information for the upcoming winter break and spring semester. Your attention to the following information is greatly appreciated and will help with a smooth transition into the next academic semester.

Happy holidays,
Joey Zayas, Transportation & Parking Manager


Spring Parking Permit Sales:

Prepare for the upcoming semester by securing your parking permit, available for purchase starting December 1, 2023. Spring permits are essential for those who have not yet acquired a permit or obtained one for the fall semester. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing:

  • Spring Semester: $187
  • Carpool Semester: $173
  • Daily Semester Permit (Specific Day of the Week): $59.50/day
  • Carpool Semester (Daily): $173
  • Motorcycle Semester: $32.50

TriMet Price Increase:

Please note a price increase for the 10-Pack of 2.5hr TriMet passes, effective January 1, 2024. The new price is $7, up from $6.25. For more details, refer to TriMet’s official press release.

Winter Break Transportation Options to Portland International Airport (PDX):

For convenient travel to the airport, consider our new two-pack of 2.5hr TriMet passes. Purchase these passes through the Parking Portal by highlighting “permits,” clicking “purchase a bus pass,” and selecting the 2-pack option. Explore alternative transportation options:

Pio Express:

Service ends on Tuesday, December 19, and resumes on Sunday, January 14.

Unregistered Vehicles and Booting:

Addressing the issue of unregistered vehicles, we’re implementing a new booting process to enforce Transportation and Parking Regulations. Approximately 34% of fall 2023 citations were issued to unregistered vehicles. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Vehicles with multiple citations may be booted. If your vehicle is booted, you cannot drive it until the boot is removed at Campus Safety. Payment of outstanding citations is NOT required for boot removal, but you must provide your contact information.
  • Register and pay for a spring parking permit via the parking portal.
  • T&P will void up to 2 citations (excluding ADA and Fire Lane citations) for registering your unregistered vehicle and purchasing a spring parking permit.
  • Enforcement begins in January 2024.