Jovo Janjetovic

UWC attended: United World College of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Class Year: Class of 2023

When somebody asks me what UWC Mostar journey looked like for me, my usual answer would be that it was “an emotional rollercoaster”. My two years at UWC were marked by ups and downs, various challenges and exceptional outcomes, great friendships and even greater ideals. Exactly those traits were the qualities that promoted the most emotional and intellectual growth for me. It was a journey of change and it changed me into the person I am today – more caring and mature, more aware of the significance of the global issues, and more intellectually curious than I was before.

During my college search and the ending chapter of my UWC journey, I was looking for an institution that would share the unique values UWC has and that is going to allow me to delve into my interests to an even greater extent. Lewis & Clark College has everything I wished for: liberal arts education, great location and a beautiful campus, tight-knit community with liberal and activist virtues. All those qualities will allow for an even greater personal challenge, and therefore greater personal development.    

When it comes to undergraduate academics, I am still not certain about my majors. However, I am positive I will major in Psychology, but I am also looking forward to exploring the field of International Affairs and even Computer Science. Fortunately, the liberal arts education offered at L&C allows me to do exactly that. Afterwards, my current plan is to pursue graduate education in a still undetermined academic field. When it comes to interests outside of the classroom, I am looking forward to exploring Portland and the region of Pacific Northwest. I am excited about the various student trips and outdoor opportunities. In my free time, I am a huge fan of TV shows and movies.

What I hope to accomplish at Lewis & Clark College is to meet some amazing people, create long-lasting friendships, step outside of my comfort zone, develop and explore my academic interests, among many other things.