Links to the World


  • ISO Student Health Insurance: Home page for a national organization for international students. Home page provides information on financial aid, scholarships, travel, health plans, etc. 
  • TOEFL Test (Test of English as a Foreign Language): Information on the test, dates, and sites of the TOEFL.
  • GRE Test (Graduate Records Exam): Information on the test, dates, and sites of the GRE.
  • LSAT Test (Law School Admissions Test): Official website for the LSAT. Provides information on the test, dates, and sites. Topics include: The LSAT, Choosing a Law School, Applying to Law School, Downloadable Forms, Legal Education Resources, and LSAC Research Grants.

Travel and Geography

  • Date and Time Gateway: Do you need to know the current time in London, Tokyo, or Caracas? Just click on the city you choose and the time and date at that destination will be displayed
  • Portland International Airport: Information on arrivals and departures from PDX. Schedules as they appear on the airport screens.
  • Mapquest: An interesting and fun web site that provides maps and information on cities around the world. Enter a street address on the screen and a map of the address will appear. Ask for restaurants or hotels near the address and they will be listed. Try it with Lewis & Clark’s address: 615 S Palatine Hill Road, Portland, OR 97219.
  • Planet Tokyo: One of the best information sites for Tokyo travelers. Sections on hotels, temples, customs, and language.
  • Subway Maps Around the World: An index of web links to subway maps around the world. Some of the sites are official guides; others are provided by travelers. Probably the largest collection of sites anywhere. Subway maps include scores of cities from Adana, Amsterdam and Ankara to Yerevan, Yokohama and Zurich.
  • Travel Phrases from Languages Around the World: You can get a few useful travel phrases from this site.
  • Electronic Embassy: (Recommended in the Oregonian) Look up travel regulations or print out visa application. Comprehensive listing of embassy contact info, semirandom notes on related sites , or other trivia, general diplomatic news, a calendar of events”¦”
  • Calculate me: Convert temperatures, weights, exchange rates and more.

World News

  • Al-Hewar Magazine and the Arab-American Dialogue: “The voice of the Arab community in the United States. Featuring well-written and insightful articles exploring American and Arab politics, culture and religion.”
  • Go Dubai News: Online news from Dubai. Pull down sections on headline articles, sports, Asia, classifieds, editorials, etc.

World Culture and Languages

  • On-Line Dictionaries: An incredible list of online dictionary resources. Includes over 60 different languages and offers translation, thesaurus, and definitional dictionaries, as well as acronym and slang dictionaries. VERY cool!
  • Atlapedia Online: A great source of information on countries all around the world.
  • World Civilizations: This site is described as an “internet classroom and anthology.” Cultures that are focused upon include: Africa, China, Egypt, India, Islam, Italian Renaissance, Rome, and Japan. A glossary permits you to look up topics such as “imam” under Islam or “Taoism” under China. Lists of internet resources are also included under each culture.

Financial Aid

  • eduPass: An excellent source of information for studying in the U.S., including information on financial aid from multiple independent sources.
  • FinAid: A free, comprehensive, independent, and objective guide to student financial aid.