Mary Dimond Scholarship

The Mary Dimond Scholarship was established in honor of Ms. Mary Berthina Brooks Dimond who served as Foreign Student Advisor at Lewis & Clark from 1966 until her retirement in 1980. In 1982 the College chose to honor Mrs. Dimond’s long-time service and many contributions to international education by establishing a scholarship for international students in Mrs. Dimond’s name.

The criteria for the scholarship are based on the same qualities that Mrs. Dimond set as an example in her own life and work: excellent scholarship, a well-rounded personality, a special commitment to community service, and involvement in campus activities and organizations.

Initial contributions to the scholarship came from family, colleagues, and friends of Mrs. Dimond. A number of Friendship Families, a program that Mrs. Dimond established, also contributed. For many years following her retirement, Mrs. Dimond served on the selection committee for the scholarship. She continued to make contributions to the College and to international education until her death on April 18, 2006.


Only selected international students are invited to apply for the Mary Dimond Scholarship. The selection process occurs in the fall semester for the following academic year. To qualify for an invitation, students must: (1) have earned between 29 and 93 semester hours. (2) currently receive need-based financial aid from Lewis & Clark; (3) plan to enroll for both semesters of the next academic year; and (4) have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. The amount of the scholarship award varies according to market conditions, but in recent years it has been approximately $4,000.


Applications will be sent in October to eligible students.

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Mary Dimond Scholarship Winners
Name Country Year  
Sonali Gunasekera Sri Lanka 86-87  
Joy Assefa Ethiopia 87-88  
Peter Andrews Australia 88-89  
Carol Thong Indonesia 89-90  
Fakrudeen Husein Sri Lanka 90-91  
Fatub Al-Jallad Syria 91-92  
Siew Mei-ho Malaysia 92-93  
Nalin De Mel Sri Lanka 92-93  
Nalin De Mel (repeat winner) Sri Lanka 92-93  
Shazeb Jillani Pakistan 93-94  
Akane Suzuki Japan 94-95  
Imran Bhuduri Bangladesh 95-96  
Luisa Quinoy Spain 96-97  
Petar Obradovic Croatia 96-97  
Carsten Schlichting Germany 97-98  
Dhruv Dayal India 98-99  
Elena Khorganova Russia 99-00  
Viktoria Salnikova Russia 00-01  
Moe Uema Japan 01-02  
Tea Franich Croatia 01-02  
Patricia Lee Philippines 02-03  
Cathrine Magelssen Norway 03-04  
Usman Ally Pakistan 04-05  
Makoto Uchiyama Japan 04-05  
Dmitri Gurkins Latvia 05-06  
Boris Todorov Bulgaria 06-07  
Joseph Bae Korea 07-08  
Ching Li Chan Singapore 08-09  
Rebecca Stuart Jamaica 09-10  
Mahmood Khan Afghanistan 10-11  
Yu Zheng China 11-12  
Neha Kumthekar India 12-13  
Lin Jiang China 13-14  
Minjia (Jasmine) Yan China 14-15  
Yu-Tzu (Grace) Huang Taiwan 15-16  
Helena Lam Macau 16-17  
Qianli (Lionel) Miao China 17-18  
Nhi Ho Vietnam 18-19  
Irina Angelova Bulgaria 19-20  
Macarena Vives Spain 20-21  
Macarena Vives Spain 21-22  
Sujhad Amado Aguad Peru 22-23  
Sujhad Amado Aguad Peru 23-24