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Before your student arrives in Portland to begin the academic year at Lewis & Clark, you are sure to have questions and concerns about a wide variety of topics. Your questions will range from issues of school policy, to the health and well-being of your student, to logistical questions about payments, and even to simple questions about mailboxes, school address and so on.

This web site is designed to answer some of your questions well before your student arrives on the Lewis & Clark campus. It is a “work in progress” and will be revised often. Naturally, there will be questions not addressed here and you should feel free to call or email if you need additional information. Also, if you have suggestions for topics that need to be addressed, please let us know.

The topics below are listed by category.

Advice (Articles)

 Arrival Information

 Academic Info

 Confidentiality / Grades / Performance


 Employment Issues

  1. Social Security Cards
  2. On-Campus Job Opportunities
  3. Employment & Internships
  4. Career Engagement
  5. Applying for Curricular Practical Training

 Health and Insurance


 Money Matters

 Packing & Shipping

 Portland, Oregon Information

 Telephones, Voice Mail, Email