Settling Your Student Account

There is more than one way to approach settling your student account at Lewis & Clark. You may choose to make full payment of your costs, utilize financial aid including private loans, set up a monthly payment plan account through Nelnet:Tuition Management Systems, or any combination of these methods.

Click below for more details on each approach.

Make Payment

The expectation is that you will remit payment for the total balance due on your student account by the due date. To determine the balance due, deduct any fully processed financial aid awards from your semester charges. As long as payment of the balance due is received at Lewis & Clark by the due date, your account is considered settled. Click here for a list of accepted methods of payment.

Financial Aid

The expectation is that the various components of your financial aid award will be secured by the due date and will be sufficient to cover the balance due on your student account. It is not necessary for Lewis & Clark to have received payment from any of your loans, grants, or scholarships by the due date. It is only necessary for the funds to be fully secured for anticipated disbursement by the due date for your account to be considered settled.

Monthly Payment Plan

The expectation is that your monthly payment plan account will be active, accurately budgeted and current by the school’s due date. If these conditions are met by the semester due date, your Lewis & Clark student account is considered settled.

Lewis & Clark has partnered with Nelnet:Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to administer our monthly payment plan option. This plan allows the cost for fall and/or spring term to be divided in 5 interest-free installments. Fall term plans begin July 5 and end November 5. Spring term plans begin December 5 and end April 5. There is no monthly payment plan available for summer expenses. The semester enrollment fee is $40.

If you enroll in a Nelnet:TMS payment plan which is then terminated for nonpayment, the entire outstanding balance for the semester becomes due to Lewis & Clark immediately and may be subject to outstanding account balance consequences.

To determine your budget, first total your anticipated charges, then deduct your fully processed financial aid. If you intend to use Nelnet:TMS to settle your Lewis & Clark student account, it is imperative that your Nelnet:TMS budget amount cover your costs at the school.

To establish a monthly payment plan with Nelnet:TMS, please log into the Student Account Center. For enrollment assistance, please contact Nelnet:TMS at 1-800-722-4867. For assistance determining the budget, please contact your Student Account Specialist.

Third Party Sponsor

The expectation is that you will provide Student and Departmental Account Services with a purchase order (P.O.), financial guarantee, voucher, or other documentation containing the amount your sponsor will pay and the information necessary to invoice your sponsor. Examples of third party sponsor payments include school districts, government agencies, private organizations, and/or your employer. If we have received this documentation by the semester due date and your sponsor will be paying your educational expenses in full, your Lewis & Clark student account is considered settled.

If your sponsor will not be covering the full balance due on your Lewis & Clark student account, you are responsible for paying the remainder by the semester due date. If for any reason the school does not receive payment from your sponsor, you will be responsible for the resulting balance. It is incumbent on you to notify Student and Departmental Account Services if there are any changes to the terms of your sponsor billing arrangement.

College Savings Plan

To settle your student account with funds from a Qualified Tuition Plan such as a 529 College Savings Plan, Coverdell Education Savings, or other state sponsored educational savings plan, please remit payment inclusive of student information to the following address:

Lewis & Clark Student and Departmental Account Services
615 S. Palatine Hill Road MSC:150
Portland, OR 97219

Should your Qualified Tuition Plan require an invoice, please review the expectation guidelines outlined in Sponsor Pay for how to proceed.


Calculating Costs

Please refer to the links below to find the schedule of charges for the academic year associated with your program. In addition, a Financial Worksheet to assist in calculating your out-of-pocket expenses for the upcoming year is accessible here. Simply subtract anticipated financial aid (excluding Work Study) from estimated direct costs to determine educational costs. Work Study is disbursed in the form of a paycheck directly to the student based on the number of hours worked each month and is not considered an anticipated credit in settling the student account.