Seraya Talbott-Carey

Seraya Talbott-Carey

UWC attended: United World College Costa Rica
Class Year: Class of 2025

Hey all! My name is Seraya Talbott-Carey and I was born and raised in a beautiful valley in Western Colorado. I grew up with alternative environmentalist parents, in a straw bale house they’d built themselves. This meant I was raised using a composting toilet, only solar electricity, and filtered rain water as our only water source. When I was in fifth grade I dropped out of school of my own accord, as I believed I could learn more on my own terms, pursuing what I was passionate about, than within the restrictions of a classroom. I participated in many adventures, read constantly, and learned a significant amount of real-world skills. However, I decided to go back to school in 9th grade, where I was a student at the local high school for two years. I decided I wanted a broader, more interesting education, and thus applied for UWC.

At UWC Costa Rica I had a wonderful educational experience, learning many skills and values I would not have otherwise. I am most nostalgic, however, for my friends. I believe that the relationships I formed over those two years were the most important of all, and I hold them extremely close to my heart. While I am incredibly grateful for my teachers and classes, a book can only teach me so much. I learned most about the world, different cultures and ideas by being around people from those different places. Having this insight is a gift which I will never forget.

During my gap year, I applied to Lewis and Clark, among many other schools. I appreciated that it was in Portland, a city I’d always been drawn to, as well as the close knit, open minded community it seemed to hold. As my father went to Lewis and Clark for undergraduate, I’d heard numerous stories about it throughout my childhood, and was sure I would enjoy it just as much as he did. Lewis and Clark also seems to boast a wonderful outdoors program, something I am passionate about and can’t wait to join. As of now, I’m thinking of majoring in World Language with a minor in Economics or Neuroscience, but as a true believer in the liberal arts ideology, I’m open to change.

For fun I enjoy reading, travel, dance, guitar, singing, backpacking, camping, and learning strangers’ life stories. I’m especially excited to be in Portland, where the partner dance scene is one of the best in the country. As someone who grew up partly in Mexico, and spent lots of time in Guatemala and Costa Rica, I’ve grown to love latin dances such as salsa and bachata. I cannot wait for my next adventure, and cannot give enough thanks to Shelby Davis, without whom I would not have these wonderful opportunities.