Aaliya Ahmed

Aaliya Ahmed

UWC attended: Mahindra United World College of India
Class Year: 2027

When I think about being at Muwci there are several moments and memories that cross my mind and it feels difficult to pinpoint a single one and call it my most enjoyable time there. Nevertheless, I feel it was the sheer joy of having a conversation with anyone at muwci which made me feel like there are places in the world where connections and conversations aren’t forced but happen naturally and to me Muwci will always be that place. Muwci has given me a fresh perspective in almost all spheres of my thinking and an opportunity to explore how I can channelise my potential for making a change around me for good.

Lewis and Clark felt like a very natural decision to me, having the opportunity to learn and grow in a small community of students is ideal to me since I feel like I learn so much when I am surrounded by people who share the same determination and care for the community around me as I do. My love for nature along with the city of Portland was like the cherry on top as I felt like I could have my ‘best of both worlds’.

I plan on double majoring in English Literature and Physics at Lewis and Clark. I feel like my academic interests lie at the intersection of liberal arts and STEM and I feel Lewis and Clark would give me a perfect opportunity to explore and pursue both these interests. Over the years I have grown very fond of literature especially Hindi Literature and I just feel like it is something which I don’t want to stop exploring.

Mornings are my favorite part of the day and I love waking up early in the mornings especially during cold mornings when it is still dark outside. I often catch the sunrise and plan my day which helps me get a fresh start. I like to spend my free time usually reading or journaling although I sometimes also write poetry but only when the spirit moves. I love being in nature, not particularly an outdoorsy person but I love feeling the winter breeze in the early mornings or going for walks.

I have never really traveled outside India or for that matter my travels within India have also been minimal nevertheless I have explored several parts of my hometown in Leh-Ladakh which I feel compensate for my loss of exploring other countries. Ever since I was young, my most vivid memory is taking road trips to far off villages in Ladakh where my parents were posted since they are government employees. Living in the medical quarters of Skurbuchan amidst fields of mustard and a river coming off the glacier or passing the deadly Changla pass at 17,500 feet in dead winter amidst 6 feet of snow to reach Tangstse, a village near the Indo-Chinese border. During summers, we would often take a roadtrip to Srinagar where I was born and witness the beautiful change in landscape from the arid mountains of Ladakh to the lush, green mountains of Kashmir.

At Lewis and Clark I hope to share all these experiences with the people around me and hope that I am able to represent my hometown of Ladakh which has made me the person I am today. I really want to contribute towards my community and be able to give the same opportunities to the upcoming generation that I got as a teenager.