Zahra Tait

Zahra Tait

UWC attended: United World College Thailand International School
Class Year: 2027

Hi, I am Zahra and I am incredibly excited to move to a new country and experience what Lewis & Clark has to offer.

I have had the privilege to attend UWC Thailand from the 5th Grade and it opened up many opportunities to learn from others and meet a wide variety of people from all around the world. I have had a rollercoaster of life over the past 2 years, whilst battling the IB Curriculum I had the most beautiful experience of meeting new people, being pushed outside of my comfort zone and of course, enjoying the endless opportunities to learn and grow alongside my peers. My favorite parts about attending UWC Thailand were not only being able to experience the beautiful island of Phuket but pursuing service learning that encouraged me to participate in a wide variety of experiences ranging from inter-school community events to volunteering at local sanctuaries.

When selecting universities, I strived to find schools that followed a similar mission that was inclusive, progressive and additionally being an international student alongside being a TCK, Lewis & Clark’s commitment to providing resources provided a unique aspect of University life that I had not seen before which caused me to apply. Overall, I am very excited to learn from this new environment. As part of my academic journey, I love to read and learn through listening, encouraging me to recognize my passion and desire to work towards social justice. I plan to continue this by studying Political Science and/or International Affairs, where afterwards I hope to potentially pursue a law degree.

During my time at Lewis & Clark, I also look forward to living in my first cold climate and experiencing snow which my sister will be incredibly jealous of. I also hope to meet new people and go on outdoor adventures as this is one of the key reasons I picked Lewis & Clark. Additionally, I love to play sports and travel so I plan to continue to pursue playing different sports when I move to Portland.