Brittany Rahamefy

Brittany Rahamefy

UWC attended: United World College Thailand International School
Class Year: 2027

My name is Brittany and I am originally from Madagascar but I moved to Mauritius when I was 6 years old. I then had the chance to attend UWC Thailand through the Mauritian National committee and I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Attending UWC Thailand allowed me to rediscover myself and to be open to new perspectives through exposure to so many different cultures and people. My academic experience there was truly unique and different from what I experienced in the past. There was a perfect balance between academics and extracurriculars and the way the IB addressed contemporary issues helped me discover what I really wanted to do in the future. I am planning to Major in International Affairs at Lewis & Clark College as IB Global Politics raised my interest in contemporary world problems and created a desire in me to contribute to global positive change.

In my free time, I go to the gym a lot and I like to go on runs. I also like being involved in the local community and always look for volunteering opportunities wherever I am in the world. During my time in Thailand, I volunteered in several organizations and even had the chance to plan my own service trips!

I am convinced that Lewis & Clark College is the perfect fit for me because of the knit-tight community, the diversity and because the values that they uphold are what I really looked for in a college. Moreover, the academic program is the perfect fit for what I plan to study and there are promising opportunities such as internships and exchange programs that I would’ve never imagined to have one day.

I am beyond excited to start the next step of my journey at Lewis & Clark college and I hope that I can inspire, and be inspired by this amazing community! I cannot wait to see what the future there holds for me and I am forever grateful for the opportunity that I have to attend this college as a Davis Scholar.