Anna Ryan

Anna Ryan

UWC attended: United World College East Africa - Moshi Campus
Class Year: 2027
Hi! My name is Anna and I am an Irish student who spent the last 2 years studying in Tanzania. UWC East Africa helped to shape me and ground me, and I had the most fantastic experience there. I will always maintain that I went to UWC, not for the IB grades but for the people. And now coming out of UWC, I am proud to say that the friends I made along the way are the most important thing that I gained there. But no place is perfect, and now I am looking forward to a new start, a new adventure and new friends in Portland.

UWC is not the only thing that makes up my personality, I am also a proud Irish woman, a devoted scout and an ultimate frisbee fan. I really enjoy hiking and camping, and am looking forward to exploring Oregon’s trails and campsites. The school’s outdoor pursuits program was something that attracted me to apply to the school and I am excited to get stuck into it.

I plan on pursuing an International Affairs major, so the International affairs department at L&C was another factor in my decision to study there. I also have never lived in a city (coming from a rural Irish village here), so am very excited to explore Portland.

This autumn will be my first time in the U.S., but before heading there I am traveling to South Korea this summer for the World Scout Jamboree. I am incredibly excited to travel there, to meet other international scouts and to experience South Korean culture.

Finally, at L&C I am looking forward to meeting new people, to get out hiking more often and to enjoy time spent outdoors. I am also looking forward to challenging myself academically and to study International affairs.