Alvin Kilenga

Alvin Kilenga

UWC attended: United World College Thailand International School
Class Year: 2027

Hi, my name is Alvin Kilenga, I am Tanzanian, I studied at UWC Thailand, and it was one of the best experiences in my life I terms of the people, culture and among the most enjoyable experiences while I was there was getting a chance to interact with people from different cultures it gave me a sense of understanding and a chance to experience how small a world we live in and it was so great to experience that.

As I was looking for universities I came across Lewis and Clark from one of my classmates who told me about it and its possibilities and coming across it I found the sense of community that I needed. As I transition in to Lewis and Clark I will probably major in economics because I have always been interested in the commercial world and how everything works out the lens of business, plus my family plays a big part I leaning me towards business as I have always been raised with the values of the commercial world.

One thing about me is that, one of my greatest hobbies outside the classroom is dancing.As a self taught dancer I have always had a fire in learning and teaching myself different moves and dances that would help me express myself more as a person and one thing that is interesting about me is that am such an extrovert but I know when to be introversive at times.

As I make it this fall in Lewis and Clark, I hope to accomplish a foundation of knowing where my life will take me .