Khagendra Paryiar

Khagendra Pariyar

UWC attended: United World College of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Class Year: 2027

Life has a way of surprising us, leading us down paths we never imagined. Growing up in the northern mountains of Nepal, I couldn’t have fathomed the incredible journey that would eventually lead me to UWC in Mostar, Bosnia and now here in L&C.

My UWC experience was a revelation. It wasn’t just a school; it was a fusion of education and life, where every street in Mostar became a classroom, and every interaction a lesson. However, what truly made those two years exceptional were the bonds I formed with people from around the world. Their stories and backgrounds enriched my understanding of the global community.

When the time came to choose a college, Lewis & Clark College stood out. Its location in the Pacific Northwest, with its natural beauty, reminded me of Nepal. Nature has always been my sanctuary, and Lewis & Clark’s setting resonated deeply with my love for the outdoors.

Moreover, Lewis & Clark complements my array of academic interests, spanning international affairs, psychology, and biology. These subjects captivate my curiosity because they offer insights into understanding the world, human mind and behavior, and the intricate workings of life.

Beyond academics, I have a passion for films, writing, and occasionally playing drums and football. Hiphop, Philosophy, History amuses me with curiosity to learn and grow more.

My selection to UWC was the first step towards achieving my aspiration for a world where justice and equality are celebrated as symbols of collective struggle against all forms of oppression and discrimination.

At Lewis & Clark, I aim to continue embracing the spirit of curiosity and openness that my UWC experience instilled in me. I want to make the most of the college’s academic opportunities and engage in activities that promote cross-cultural understanding, and community involvement. Ultimately, I aspire to leave a positive impact, not only on my own academic journey but also on the broader Lewis & Clark community and the world beyond.