Miranda Mora

UWC attended: Mahindra United World College of India
Class Year: Class of 2019

I attended UWC Mahindra College of India, which offers an experience that is deeply attached to the context in which the school is immersed. What I enjoyed the most about MUWCI was its spontaneity, the intensity of our lives and friendships on the top of that hill, the seriousness of our words and actions, the colors of the flying powder and the infinite train rides with friends along the hidden fields in the middle of India.

During my time in UWC India, I got the chance to travel around India a lot. I got to know the diversity and richness of the country, its food, its music and its people. India seems like a compilation of small countries that, somehow, work together under an immense union. That is why, for the past two years, I have concentrated my travels mainly around India; its diversity and territorial size, makes you travel around the country for long periods of time in order to get to know the majority of it. 

When I first read about Lewis & Clark, I thought that, unlike most places, the College offered their students the opportunity to be open and engaged, and the opportunity to seek knowledge and experiences in a way that will contribute to the student, the community and on a larger scale, to the world that we live in today.  Lewis & Clark’s sense of community, sense of academic excellence, and individual and collective responsibility made me consider this school as one of my top options since the beginning.

I have wanted to major in Politics since I was in 7th grade. Growing up in a country like Venezuela, forces you since you are little to take political positions and to be informed about what is happening in the political arena of the country. After living in the combustion and the complications of my country, I realized that only a generation full of prepared, passionate and engaged people could take the country out of the complicated and depriving political, economic and social situation.   

For the past two years I have been interested in doing research about racial inequality in Latin America, a topic that has been one of the main interests among politicians and academics of the region. The politics of gender and feminism have also been among my main areas of interest for the past years.

I enjoy dancing, reading and photography. I have also done MUN for the past four years, and even though it has an immediate relation with my academic interests, it is an activity that distracts me and that I can enjoy. I love writing articles for newspapers or magazines, as well as writing reviews and passages of the places I visit. I always read the last two pages of every book I buy.

I will like to be part of the college Student Government early on in my four years at Lewis & Clark; this will allow me to have a fulfilling engagement and experience at the school, and it will also force me to find a balanced combination of a successful academic career, and a fulfilling and rewarding community and social life.