Sara Worku

UWC attended: Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa (Swaziland)
Class Year: Class of 2019

I was born in the northern part of Ethiopia and grew up in Addis Ababa. Living in the central city has taught me to be respectful, responsible and open minded.

I came to know about UWC through my deputy school principal while I was attending Addis Ketema Preparatory School in Addis Ababa. I finally applied and got a chance to attend Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa in 2013. Even though it was challenging, UWC is my second home and I met different people and learnt a variety of cultures there. I have enjoyed every single moment of my UWC experience; from getting a few hours of sleep to taking part in different community services. I have enjoyed the strong bonds of friendship that I made during my stay. It also has taught me to understand and appreciate other cultures. Most importantly, my community service experience stood out the most due to the fact that I did not have a chance to involve myself in a community service activity before. But becoming a part of UWC has helped me to take part in multiple activities and learn a lot through the process. 

I like Lewis & Clark College because of the small class sizes, the tight community, great support system for international students, location, diversity, good study abroad opportunities and diverse courses offered on campus. Additionally, last fall my school was visited by one of the admission members, Mr Brian White. After attending the presentation and having the interview, I realized that Lewis and Clark was a good fit and it finally became my number one choice. 

I am not yet decided on my major but I have always had a strong passion to explore the world by looking at the relationships of different countries.  I am also interested   in Chemistry, Gender studies and Politics. I am sure I will have enough time to figure out what to major in.

I have not travelled that much but I have been to the Kingdom of Swaziland and South Africa. I love travelling; I just have not got the chance yet. I hope to travel in the future. 

In my spare time I like to read and spend time with friends. I am also a big fan of art and fashion .I believe a piece of art work is worth more than the value given by the artist, and thus I always like to give my own meaning. I am also an outgoing person once I adapt to the people who are around me.

At Lewis and Clark I hope to become a very well rounded person both academically and socially.  I am looking forward to having an exciting time!