Buzurgmehr Dodkhudoev

UWC attended: Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific (Canada)
Class Year: Class of 2019

My name is Buzurgmehr and I am from Tajikistan. Tajikistan is a small country in Central Asia became independent in 1991 after the Soviet Union broke down. I was born in 1994 during the civil war in my country. For that reason it was hard for my parents to feed my sister and me. My father tried his best during that time so that we can get not only food but also an education. It was hard to go and study at University even within the country at that time. Fortunately, I was lucky to get an education in the first place and to apply for University. After 11th grade, I applied to UWC for the first time, where I did not get selected after the third round. However, I wanted to go to a University where I could get an education in English, so I decided to go to Kyrgyzstan to study in American University in Central Asia (AUCA) in preparation program.   

During the year I decided to apply to UWC again as a last chance.   That was the best decision in my life so far. When people ask me if I regret losing two years studying in high school again, I just cannot answer. It is hard for me to explain that these two years were the best in my life and the experience I had there was priceless for me.  My answer is always the same to everyone- “I would go again for two years if I could.” That is how much I love UWC and Pearson College.

I enjoyed almost everything in UWC. I really liked the activities that we had during two unbelievable years. In UWC, I had my first experience being with people from all over the world. It was an amazing experience to talk with people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds, and sharing knowledge with them is one of the best things that has happened to me.

After two years of studying in UWC, I had to choose where to go next. Even before coming to Pearson College I knew what I want to study, so it was not tricky for me to choose what to study. My passion to study Economics comes from my family. My family talks about politics and economics most of the time, so 3 years ago I decided to study law or economics. Later, after I received some advice, I chose to study Economics. Knowing that Lewis & Clark College has the same values as UWC, and that it is a liberal arts school, I decided to apply for this college. I was really happy when I got accepted with 3 of my friends from Pearson College. I didn’t have any doubt about choosing this college after my time at Pearson.

I consider myself a Football (soccer) fan. Out of the classroom, I really like to play football.  Generally I am a big fan of sports. Playing sports is one of my favorite things, not only because it’s healthy, but because I really enjoy the time I spend doing it. My academic interests are math, philosophy and economics.

Now I am going to a new place full of hope, where I will meet new friends and will face new challenges. I hope that Lewis & Clark College will be my new home like I had at Pearson College. I totally understand that they are two different places and the experience will also be different. First of all, I really hope to accomplish my goal, to become a good economist.