L&C Magazine | Spring 2022

Featured Stories

  • On a Pedestal

    How do the arts help us answer the question,
    “What is an appropriate monument for this time and place?”

  • A Family Story: From Book to Film

    Pauls Toutonghi’s book about the emotionally charged search for a family dog is the basis for an upcoming movie on Netflix.

  • Transforming Lives

    The graduate school’s TransActive Gender Project provides a holistic range of services and expertise for transgender and gender-diverse children and youth, as well as their families.

  • The Road to a Successful Business

    As part of the law school’s Small Business Legal Clinic, the Rural Program provides businesses in rural Oregon with access to expert legal services.

President's Letter

A Fond Farewell to Lewis & Clark

It has been a joy and a privilege to serve as Lewis & Clark’s president these past five years.


Reducing Consumption of Single-Use Plastics

Wonderfil CEO Amelia Eichel BA ’20 tackles plastic pollution with refill dispenser systems for liquid personal care products.

Restoring Florida’s Coral Reefs

Marine biologists Ananda Ellis BA ’09 and Eva Ramey BA ’15 monitor coral growth and biodiversity in the Florida Keys.

Finding Art in Nature

An avid outdoorsman and former river guide, Kimo Nelson BA ’02 infuses his artwork with a sense of wonder for wild spaces.

An Adventure in Antarctica

In January, a group of 37 intrepid travelers—led by Ken Clifton, professor of biology—experienced the dramatic vistas of Antarctica as part of the L&C Travel Program. If you missed this trip to Antarctica, another is planned for January 2023. The L&C Travel Program is open to L&C alumni, family, and friends. For more details—and to check out additional travel opportunities—visit www.lclark.edu/piotravel.

(Emily Decker BA ’85)