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The Scholarship

The Greg Caldwell Scholarship is an endowed fund that annually provides tuition support for an international student who holds a non-immigrant visa and is enrolled in Lewis & Clark’s undergraduate program. There is no application for the scholarship.  The award is made by Brian White, Associate Dean of Students and Director of International Students and Scholars, to a deserving student based on the following criteria:  (1) a solid academic record; (2) financial need; and, (3) leadership ability. 

The scholarship is subject to the general guidelines outlined by the Office of Student Financial Services.  The recipient may be a first-year or continuing student.  Assuming the recipient remains in good academic standing, the scholarship may be awarded multiple times.  Only one student at a time may receive the scholarship.

Greg Caldwell

Greg Caldwell in Bali, Indonesia Greg Caldwell in Bali, Indonesia

Greg Caldwell retired from Lewis & Clark College in May of 2011 after more than 35 years of service.  He supported generations of international students and was widely acknowledged for his “student-centered” philosophy.  Caldwell also worked closely with “Third Culture Kids” (TCKs) and initiated the College’s TCK program in 1981.

Caldwell came to Lewis & Clark in 1976 as an instructor in the College’s intensive English program (now known as Academic English Studies) and became the director two years later.  In 1984 he became Associate Dean of Students and Director of International Students and Scholars. After retiring from the College in 2011, Caldwell was named Honorary Consul by the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he continues to serve in that position in Oregon.

Caldwell remains involved in Lewis & Clark campus events and occasionally travels on behalf of the College to meet international alumni.

He enjoys hearing from international students and TCKs.  He may be contacted by email at: or on Facebook.

History of the Scholarship

Initial funding for the scholarship came in 2001 from a generous donation by a Japanese parent. In 2008 the Lewis & Clark Alumni Association in Seoul, Korea added a sizable contribution in Caldwell’s name. When Caldwell retired in May 2011, the college used the occasion to begin a fundraising campaign to endow the fund.

Over the years, friends from around the world have donated to the fund, which currently tops $500,000.

Scholarship Recipients

The first recipient of the Greg Caldwell Scholarship was named in the fall of 2012 and it has been supporting a deserving student each year since.

Flavio De Pina Soares de Carvalho

2019-present: Flavio De Pina Soares de Carvalho, BA ’23:

“I know that Flavio De Pina Soares de Carvalho does not sound very ‘Austrian,’ but that’s where I was born and call home. My Mom is Austrian and my Dad is from Cape Verde, hence the Portuguese name. I guess I am the product of two cultures. At Lewis & Clark, I am both an international student and a TCK. As this first semester comes to an end, I am quite surprised, to be honest, how fast it all went by. It seems like yesterday that I was introduced to the other students and the campus during International Student Orientation. Now, a little more than 3 months later, the trees have lost all their leaves and the sun sets at 4 PM and I am happier than I ever thought I would be during my first few days here. Looking back I am happy to say that I had a fabulous time at Lewis & Clark. I have met so many kind friends from all over the world and I can say that I feel at home.” 

Past Recipients

Hawi Abbajobir, 2012-15:  Hawi is a TCK (Third-Culture-Kid) and a Davis United World College Scholar.  She was born in Ethiopia, but grew up in Germany.  She majored in economics and served as president of ISLC. She graduated in 2015.

Min A Mindy Kim, 2015-19: Mindy is a TCK, born in South Korea and raised in the US, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan.  She graduated from St. Maur International School in Yokohama, Japan.  She graduated from Lewis & Clark with degrees in international affairs and foreign languages.