Kelvine Muhire Ngerero




Kelvine Muhire Ngerero, the 2011-2012 Romeo Dallaire Scholarship recipient, is a graduate of Kigali Independent University.  In 2009 she was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

Kelvine describes herself as a passionate human rights activist.  As a volunteer with the Rwanda Commission on Human Rights, she facilitated seminars and workshops throughout the country.  She also participated in Ministry of Health programs conducting research involving youth and sex workers.  Her focus was on investigating how human rights abuses affect behavior and make victims vulnerable to deadly diseases like HIV/Aids.

In her scholarship application, Kelvine stated “When I return to Rwanda I will continue the advocacy for human rights.  I feel I will be more energized given the exposure, international contacts and English language competence which will be acquired. I intend to enroll for a Masters Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies, majoring in Gender and Health and thus assisting my country and the East African community.”

Updates from Kelvine:

  • In 2012 Kelvine started an MA in Genocide Studies at the National University of Rwanda.
  • In May, 2013, she was selected as a GHC fellow for the position of Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator at the Rwandan Ministry of Health.  In August of that year, following two weeks of training at Yale University, Kelvine joined other fellows who met with President Clinton and his daughter Chelsea when they visited the Starskey Hearing Foundation in Kigali, Rwanda.  

Kelvine Muhire, GHC Fellows meet President Clinton

  • In September 2015 Kelvine joined her fiancé in Nashville TN.
  • In February 2021, Kelvine started a new job as Immigration Specialist for the  Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE). She helps refugees and immigrants deal with immigration issues. Check out Kelvine’s biography on the NICE website!