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Dallaire Scholarship

Lewis & Clark’s Roméo Dallaire Scholarship honors the work and vision of Roméo Dallaire, former commander of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission to Rwanda, Canadian Army Lieutenant-General (ret.), Senator, world citizen, and humanitarian.

To honor Dallaire’s work and vision, preference is given to low-income students who demonstrate a dedication to promoting human rights in sub-Saharan Africa.   For the next five years, the scholarship will accept applications from students from Rwanda.

The Roméo Dallaire Scholarship allows recipients to enroll in the Academic English Studies program at Lewis & Clark College for one academic year. While studying and living with other students from throughout the United States and around the world, scholarship recipients experience first hand the history and habits of diverse cultures even as they share with others their own traditions, customs, insights and beliefs. The Dallaire Award Fund continues to advance the principle that has guided Lewis & Clark’s innovative programs in international education for more than 40 years: global understanding is rooted in relationships, and relationships are built day by day and person to person.


General Dallaire (L&C) and Carl and Teresa Wilkens (TCU) Scholars work together on the 2015 Business Forum in Kigali, Summer 2015.  From left to right: Johnson Scott (TCU), Tanguy Muvuna (L&C, 2015-2016), Pascaline Umulisa (L&C, 2014-15), Emmanuel Habimana (L&C, 2012-13)


2014-15 Scholarship Recipient

 Pascaline Umulisa

Pascaline Umulisa is our 2014-15 Dallaire scholarship recipient. She lost many of her family members in the 1994 Tutsi Genocide, including her father and brothers. She tells us she is thankful to God that she is left with a caring mother and a lovely sister. Since her childhood she was convinced that she was called to be an agent of positive change. As she grew up, she found empowerment through the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) organization in Rwanda. Through her experience with the Girl Guides, she developed skills in leadership, facilitation, project management, and campaign management.  She began to focus on issues faced by girls and women. In 2011, she participated in the global campaign for all Girl Guide/Girl Scout associations called “Stop the Violence—Speak Out for Girl’s Rights.” As a result of this campaign, Pascaline was invited to speak to the United Nations on the International Day of Eliminating Violence Against Women.  There she met Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and other dignitaries, where she spoke on the role of youth in tackling violence.

With the assistance of the Generation of Rwanda Scholarship, Pascaline graduated from the National University of Rwanda in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication. Her most recent employment was with Kigali International Community School as the Communications Coordinator. She says the Girl Guides made her the person she is now, and so she spends  her time volunteering to change lives of girls and women in the country.  She is motivated by Baden Powell’s quote “Leave this world a little better than you found it.” She would like to start her own Public Relations Company one day, and keep working with girl-serving organizations. 


Interviews with Dallaire Scholars



Commencement, 2013


“All humans are human. Not one of us

is more human than another.” 

                    Lieutenant-General The Honourable Roméo A. Dallaire

Lieutenant-General and Senator Roméo Dallaire returned to the Lewis & Clark College campus in 2013 as the College of Arts & Sciences commencement speaker and recipient of a Doctorate in Humane Letters, Honoris Causa. 

Senior Graduate Matthew Rugamba, Lieutenant-General DallaireSenior Graduate Matthew Rugamba, Lieutenant-General Dallaire


Lewis and Clark College, Graduation, Commencement Ceremony, Romeo Dillaire speaker,  Portland, Oregon, 05-18-2013

Lieutenant-General Dallaire and Scholarship Recipient Emmanuel Habimana.

During his moving address to graduating seniors, General Dallaire reminded students “Your responsibilities go well beyond your town, your state, the borders of your country.” He further stated that when a great nation has power “it has a responsibility well beyond its border, to humanity.”

The Dallaire Scholarship Committee looks forward to working with General Dallaire in supporting his humanitarian efforts throughout the world, and in maintaining the scholarship that bears his name.

Commencement Address 

For further information regarding the current work of General Dallaire, please see biography.


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“Learning from Rwanda to equip and inspire each one of us to enter the world of the “Other”. The “Other” may be under our own roof or on the other side of the globe.”