Reaham Bahauddin

Reham Bahauddin, Class of 2017

Hometown: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Major: Biology; minor in Neuroscience
Started in Academic English Studies: summer, 2011

How did Academic English Studies classes prepare you for Lewis & Clark?

I wrote a lot of essays and summary and response papers, which prepared me for the freshman year classes, Exploration and Discovery (E&D). E&D requires a lot of reading and writing, and I was able to do well because of the skills and knowledge I learned in AES. I also learned presentation skills. One of my Lewis & Clark professors told me my presentation skills were better than most American students!

Leadership Opportunities

At Lewis & Clark, I participated in many campus activities and developed leadership skills. I helped start the AES club, a part of the International Students of L&C. I took part in the workshop classes in the Passport to Leadership Program. I finished my studies in December, 2016, and then I was chosen as a student leader for the Lewis & Clark Overseas Study Program to Morocco for spring semester, 2017. That was a challenging and rewarding experience.

Favorite Memories

The International Student Fairs. We organized food, displays, and performances for the different countries and regions of the world. Every year it was a lot of work and fun.

Best Thing About a Liberal Arts Education

While I learned a lot about biology, I also had the opportunity to think about many things from different disciplines and perspectives. For example, in Genetics class, we discussed the ethics of genetics, not just the science of it.

Advice for Future Students

Take advantage of all of the opportunities on campus, not just academics, but also student life. Lewis & Clark is small, and the classes are small. Talk to professors; ask for help. There are many campus resources. It is so easy to get help, and for international students especially, it is easy to be part of the community when you interact with others on campus.