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Computer Lab/Classroom Software

Publisher Title OS Vers. Lab  #
Ableton Live Mac 8.2.5 EMS 3
Ableton Digital Performer Mac 6.0.2 EMS 3
Adobe CS Design Premium Win Concurrent Win 5.5 Watzek, Dubach, Grad 10
Adobe CS Design Premium Mac Concurrent Mac 5.5 Watzek, Dubach, Art, Theater, ILC 10
Adobe Photoshop CS Concurrent Mac 5.5 HCI 3
Adobe Dreamweaver CS Concurrent Mac 5.5 HCI 10
Adobe Photoshop Elements Concurrent Win 8 Watzek, Dubach, Grad 21
Adobe Photoshop Elements Concurrent Mac 8 Watzek, Dubach 21
Adobe Lightroom Mac 3 Art 11
Ai Squared ZoomText Win 9.1.4 ADTECH 2
Apple Final Cut Studio Concurrent Mac 6.0.6 Art 4
Apple QuickTime 7 Pro Mac 7 Art 10
Apple Final Cut Express Mac 4 SOAN 2
Fetch Softworks Fetch Mac 5.7 All Labs site
FileMaker, Inc. FileMaker Pro Win\Mac 10 Watzek, Dubach, Grad 2
Freedom Scientific JAWS Win 11 Rebecca Brooks 1
Gaussian, Inc. Gaussian Mac ”˜09 Molecular Modeling, Chemistry 12
Gradekeeper Gradekeeper  Win\Mac 6.7 Watzek, Dubach site
IBM SPSS Statistics Win\Mac 20 Watzek, Dubach, HCI, Bio site
ImpactGames Peacemaker Mac 1.1 HCI 24
Inspiration Software, Inc. Inspiration Win 9 Grad 21
Key Curriculum Press Fathom Win 2.11 Grad 10
MacVector, Inc. MacVector Mac 8 Bio 25
Make Music Finale Win\Mac 2010 Watzek, Dubach, Class, EMS, Compostion 15
Millisecond Inquisit Win 3 HCI 20
Mind Habits Inc. MindHabits Win\Mac 1.2 HCI 27
Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. Vectorworks Mac 2011 Theater 4
Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium Win 11 ADTECH 1
Perkin Elmer ChemOffice Mac 2008 Molecular Modeling, Chemistry 12
Propellorheads Reason Mac 5.0.1 EMS 3
Propellorheads Record Mac 1.5.1 EMS 3
Propellorheads Recycle Mac 2.1 EMS 3
QSR International Pty Ltd Nvivo Win 9 Grad 6
Riverside Publishing WJ III Compuscore Normantive Update Win N/A Grad 3
Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone Mac ILC 150
Sibelius Sibelius Mac 6.0.2 Watzek, Dubach, Class, EMS, Compostion 11
StataCorp Stata/SE Win\Mac 12 Watzek, Dubach, Class 16
Stimulus Presentation Software SuperLab Mac 4.5.1 HCI 35
Wavefunction Spartan Win\Mac ”˜08 Molecular Modeling, Chemistry, Class 12
Wavefunction Odyssey Win\Mac 2.4.1 Molecular Modeling, Chemistry 12
Wild Divine Relaxing Rhythms Mac N/A HCI 20
Wolfram Research Mathematica Win\Mac 8.0.2 Watzek, Dubach, Class, Math site

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    Users running Mac OS 10.10 “Yosemite” cannot currently connect to LC Secure. Users who have already upgraded are encouraged to connect to LC Wireless via Guest Access as a temporary workaround until an XpressConnect update is available.

Information Technology

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