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Colleague Patches

Monthly Patch Schedule:

The following is an estimated schedule for patch updates to the Datatel Colleague account at Lewis & Clark College.  Development refers to an account used by the Information Systems staff to develop new processes and check information before it goes out to users.  The Test account is available when users log into Colleague from the desktop.  It is used by departments to set up processes such as communication management and test them before finalizing them in the Live account.


1st —  A new patch group will be created and installed into the Development account.  This group will contain all available patches at the time. Any custom software issue will be handled at this time.  

10th — The patches added on the first that have been checked in the Development account will be moved into the Test account.  End users testing can be done at this time.

20th —  All the patches from above will be loaded in their final form into the Live Colleague account.

Announcements will be emailed to when the batches are installed in test and live.  Dates may not be exact depending on weekends, schedule conflicts, illness, etc.  

Data Refresh:

Live data will be moved to the test account every three months right after the patches are loaded into the live account around the 20th.  This will be announced in the test patch email to The last refresh was February 18, 2012.

If you are not on the lc-dug mailing and would like to be added, contact

Latest Patch Detail:


System Status

  • alert

    This morning there was a Denial of Service (DOS) attack on the east cost that is currently affecting numerous internet service providers around the country.  As a result, we are experiencing some issues reaching external websites from campus. 

  • alert

    Comcast will be onsite Friday morning, October 21st, to repair our CATV headend.  During that time the cable TV signal on campus will be offline until repairs are completed.

  • alert

    Targeted emails, requesting personal information, have recently been received by the LC community.  If you receive one of these phishing email, delete it right away and don’t click on any links contained within the message.  If you have already clicked on the link, please reset your password immediately.  Please see the related news story for additional information. 


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