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Information Technology

Report Abuse

Reporting abuse

Whenever you experience unwanted behavior on the internet, it is strongly encouraged to report it to the owner of the network or service you are using where the unwanted behavior occurred.

For Abuse:
[offending material or behavior; copyrighted material; inappropriate use that would violate account terms]

Lewis & Clark College




Microsoft /

Google / Google Apps

For Phishing:
[emails attempting to obtain account or financial information from you, may contain links to pages that pretend to be something they are not]

United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) -

Google -

Google’s built-in ‘Report Phishing’ menu option from the original message 

For Fraud or Identity Theft:
[emails asking for your financial information and/or personally identifying or health information, or for money]

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) -

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) -


Enter a Service Desk ticket [this will be assigned to the ISO]

Contact our Information Security Officer [ISO], Jess Odom

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  • All systems are up and functioning.

Information Technology

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