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Information Technology

Security Awareness

Security Checklist general security tips

Mobile Checklist > tips for mobile devices



Google User Security Checklist > everything you need to check about your account (do this after you reclaim your account too!)

Downloads and File Sharing > what you should and should not do
Encrypt Files > password protect and encrypt documents for transitor storage
Find My iPhone > locate iPhones, iPads, iPods, and computers
Lock My Mac > enable the ability to lock your Mac when you are away
Password  > select a good password
Phishing > what to look for when you receive an email phish
Social Networking > how to be safe on websites like Facebook
Download A Guide to Facebook Security
Shopping and Banking > how to be careful when managing your financial information
Traveling > what you should know when traveling 

Tools & Resources:


Microsoft Security Center
Security Essentials
Safety Scanner

Download Symantec Endpoint Protection > LC account required.  ONLY for current faculty, staff institutionally-owned computers and personal student computers

Web browser plug-in version checks

Qualys BrowserCheck
Oracle Verify Plugin

Web browser plug-in updates

Oracle Java
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Flash
Uninstall Java - Windows |  Mac
Disable Java - How to disable Java in your web browser

OS updates - Windows | Mac
Cell phone security

FCC Smartphone Security Checker
FCC Report Stolen Smartphone

Smartphone Security Checklist (pdf)
Mobile Security Guide for Health Information
Find My iPhone
SeekDroid - find your Android
Plan B - find your Android (free)


Kryptos > encrypts voice communications over 3g/4g/wifi
Norton Snap > QR code scanner that shows URL destination
Scrambls > cloud solution, registration account required, only scrambles posts w/web plugin and tweets (free) > cloud solution, registration account required, checks Facebook posts (photos) and apps for malicious code, monitors (free)

Public Resources:  

Stay Safe Online > National Cyber Security Alliance’s [NCSA] official website for information security awareness

FTC > US Federal Trade Commission’s official website for identity theft information and resources for victims

Report consumer fraud, identity theft to the FTC and find more information.

Stop. Think. Connect. > Department of Homeland Security in conjunction with the private and non-profit sectors have a campaign for security awareness

OnGuard Online | Stop. Think. Click. > US Federal Government’s official website for information security awareness

Deter, Detect, Defend. > US Federal Trade Commission’s official website for identity theft information and resources for victims


National Cyber Security Awareness Month > October
Read President Obama’s Proclamation of NCSAM 2010 > White House officially recognizes National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Data Privacy Day > January

Definitions > Frequently used technology lingo