Process Advisors

A student may use an advisor of their choice for any meeting, interview, hearing, or other part of a process under our Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Students at LC have the option to use an advisor from the below Advisor List. Advisors from the College list are available to LC students at no cost.

What is the role of an Advisor?

The role of a process advisor is to provide support and assistance in understanding and navigating meetings, interviews, hearings, or other parts of an investigation and resolution process. To protect the privacy of those involved, all advisors are required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to attending a meeting, interview, or other part of a resolution process. A process advisor can be present in addition to a Confidential Advocate or other support person.

When the process includes a Live Hearing, the advisor’s role is to ask questions of witnesses. An advisor for the Reporting Party (the person affected by the misconduct) will also ask questions of the Respondent (the person accused). An advisor for the Respondent (the person accused of the misconduct) will also ask questions of the Reporting Party (the person affected by the conduct). The advisors listed below receive training on the Sexual Misconduct Policy, including how to prepare for a Live Hearing and ask questions of witnesses and the Respondent or Reporting Party. 

How do I ask for an Advisor?

You can contact one of the advisors directly (their emails are listed), or your can ask a Confidential Advocate or the Title IX Coordinator to connect you. You and the advisor can discuss your needs and schedule to make sure the advisor is a good fit for you.

Current Advisors:


Andrew Gard (He/Him/His) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties or Respondents

Andrew in a suit and tie, seated at a table with his right elbow on the table top, hand palm up r... Andrew Gard is a 3L at Lewis & Clark Law School. He is originally from Baltimore, MD. He came to law school to learn about water rights and plans to practice in that field after graduation. However, prior to law school he had a strong interest in criminal defense work. In 2014, he interned with the Maryland Office of the Public Defender. During that time, he worked on many different types of cases including sexual assault cases.

While in undergraduate, he experienced an incident that could have risen to a Title IX claim. He did not use the Title IX complaint system because he did not believe that anyone would take his claim seriously. His experiences have helped inform him that both sides have a voice and both sides need to be heard before a final decision. He wants to work with both respondents and reporters because he feels like his experiences can be helpful in guiding them through the process, while being aware of the difficulties they face. It is his belief that both parties deserve to have their voices heard.

You can contact him via phone 443.617.4584 or email at


Orchid Tosh (she/her/hers) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties

Photo of Advisor Orchid Tosh (she/her) smiling with her dog. Orchid is a 3L at Lewis & Clark Law School currently interested in human rights and civil rights law. She has an extensive history of working with survivors and juvenile offenders. She volunteered at a sexual assault crisis hotline as a certified Victim Advocate for 4 years, assisting survivors at the hospital and providing them with law enforcement accompaniment. Also, she interned at a domestic violence shelter as a legal advocate helping survivors seek restraining orders from their abusers. Additionally, in the past year, has worked as a legal extern at the Victim Rights Law Center in Portland.

 She has always had a passion for serving marginalized communities and wants to continue that work as an advisor. As a woman of color, she empathizes with the multi-layered issues facing marginalized persons experiencing the stressful Title IX hearing process. Orchid wants to be a support system and advocate for empowering the student during this traumatic hardship.

You can contact her via email at

Adriana K. Gomez (she/her/hers) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties or Respondents

Adriana is a third-year law student at Lewis & Clark Law Adriana in a cream colored coat and floral print blouse smiling in front of a grey fence. School. Originally from Sacramento, California, Adriana received her Bachelor’s degree in Earth Systems Science from the University of California, Merced in 2018. Since then, she has been
pursuing her Juris Doctorate, and exploring a variety of practice areas such as immigration, family law, and personal injury, always focusing on fostering a client-centered approach and working to understand the nuances of each case. She is also particularly passionate about working with Hispanic and Latino clients and families, and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

You can contact her via email at


Eleanor Hampson (she/her/hers) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties

  Eleanor in a blue blazer and white shirt smiling into the camera in front of a dark background  Eleanor Hampson is in her third year of law school at Lewis and Clark. Eleanor  grew up in Connecticut and graduated from Marist College in 2013 with a degree in psychology and special education. Before attending law school, Eleanor was an elementary school teacher and a curriculum consultant in Hawaii. Eleanor decided to attend law school because she is passionate about helping others overcome obstacles. She works hard to actively listen to all perspectives and is focused on finding equitable solutions to problems. After graduation, Eleanor is interested in pursuing a career where she can continue to advocate for children and families.

You can contact her via email at


You can contact her via email at

Maggie Donohue (She/Hers) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties or Respondents

Maggie from the neck up, head tilted to the right and smiling in front of a light background.

Maggie is a 3rd-year law student at Lewis & Clark Law School. Since starting law school, she has worked with attorneys in education law, criminal defense, and juvenile criminal law. Prior to law school, Maggie worked as a high school English teacher in Houston, Texas; she received her BA in English from the University of Pittsburgh. In her experience as a teacher, Maggie helped to advise many of her students through difficult situations, and strives now to provide compassionate, informative, and judgement-free help to Lewis and Clark students navigating the Title IX process.

You can contact her via email at

Alexis Fisher (she/her) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties or Respondents

Alexis Fisher Alexis from the waist up in an olive green top, wearing glasses and smiling. is a graduate of Lewis & Clark Law School, and she has a passion for criminal law. She has experience in both criminal and civil litigation. She is comfortable with supporting either a reporting party or a respondent. She has experienced multiple Title IX matters as a legal assistant, and has familiarity with the general process and the role as an advisor in these proceedings. Alexis is also on the board of the Disability Allied Law Student Alliance. She hopes to be able to support you and make sure you are provided with everything that you need for this process.

You can contact her via email at

Thea Donovan (she/her/hers) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties

Hello, I’m Thea Donovan (she/her), and I’m a third-year student at Lewis and Clark. I’m originally from North Dakota, and after moving all around the country and working in a lot of different fields, I found my passion in working toward creating a more equitable public education system. As a white woman from a middle-class background in a rural area, I knew that going into this field would require a lot of learning to do about the systems that we all live in- from white supremacy, to the patriarchy, to understanding what modern media has done to our cultural ideas. I’ve learned so much through student-led and organized panels; online courses; my work on the DEI committee of local nonprofit, SAGE; and training to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate for kids in foster care (CASA). As a CASA, I advocate solely for the kid’s needs, which has taught me a lot about putting my personal feelings aside and advocating for someone else’s needs. I have learned to be comfortable with the nuance of situations and I am always learning more about how to move in kindness and with compassion while upholding boundaries.

I can be reached at

Stephanie Keys Garcia (she/her/hers) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties or Respondents

Stephanie is in a navy blue blazer against a background that includes a tree and landscape, looki...

Stephanie is in her final year at Lewis & Clark Law School, pursuing a JD with Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resource Law. She has clerked with Liberty Mutual Insurance and American Forest Resource Council, and prior to attending law school she worked as a Program Assistant at Pacific University. In that role, she was a main point of contact for students in four programs - at Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degree levels. She has first hand experience in how higher education administrations create and carry out policy. Stephanie is a first generation college student from a politically divided family, a background which helps her be down to earth and approachable even in uncomfortable situations.

You can contact her via email at

Allison Moeller (she/her/hers) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties or Respondents

Allison from the chest up in a black blazer and white blouse smiling into the camera Allison is a second year law student at Lewis & Clark. Before coming to law school, Allison lived abroad for five years where she worked and studied with people from around the world, learning a lot about openness and acceptance. She has an MA in Sociology and briefly worked teaching English as a second language. She has completed an online training in suicide prevention. Allison considers herself to be open, non-judgmental, a good listener, and empathetic. In her free time, she enjoys podcasts, running, spending time with her family, and occasionally going all out on a TV series binge.

You can contact her via email at

Maggie Powers (they/them/their) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties

Maggie is a short-haired person in a blazer and glasses. They are smiling in front of a dark gray...

Maggie is a recent graduate of Lewis & Clark, interested in public interest law and criminal justice reform. They have previously clerked at Disability Rights Oregon and East Bay Community Law Center. Community lawyering and trauma-informed care are practices that guide their work. Maggie received a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies from Saint Mary’s College of California. During undergrad, they volunteered at the Center of Women & Gender Equity and worked at the Intercultural Center. Outside of law school, Maggie enjoys hiking and backpacking in the great outdoors, eating vegan foods, and reading science fiction novels.

You can contact them via email at or phone at (c) 559-903-4877

Marissa Roldan (she/her/hers) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties or Respondents

Marissa is in a black blazer and grey blouse against a neutral gray fade out background, smiling ...

Marissa is a recent graduate of Lewis & Clark Law School, serving as an advisor. She received a BA in Political Science from University of California Los Angeles. She is originally from Southern California and identifies as Hispanic. Marissa has been working as a Court Certified Intern at Grimm Law Group, a criminal defense firm, in Washington since May 2020. She has more specifically worked with clients being charged of simple and gross misdemeanors ranging from DUIs to Assault. She also has experience working in family law, particularly advocating on behalf of Oregon Department of Justice-Child Advocacy. She looks forward to helping students through this process and maintaining a just and equitable trauma-sensitive environment.

You can contact her via email at

Caroline Taylor (she/her/hers) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties or Respondents Caroline has her hair pulled back, is wearing a sweater, and smiling.          

Caroline Taylor was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and moved to the Pacific  Northwest in 2011. She uses she/her/hers pronouns and identifies as a white, cis-gendered woman.

In her undergraduate education, Caroline was involved in the Willamette University Task Force on Sexual Assault. The group worked to create more transparent information regarding Title IX proceedings, to identify resources for students who experienced sexual assault, and to provide clarification on institutional policies. Caroline also acted as the “support person” for a friend who went through a Title IX proceeding.

At the law school, she wears an assortment of hats: Caroline is the Honor Board Representative for the Student Bar Association (the law school’s student government) which involves investigating Honor Code violations and providing recommendations on recourse if violations are found. She sits on the Law School Equity Taskforce, a subcommittee of the SBA which works to promote equity initiatives at the law school. Caroline is a Student Liaison to the local chapter of the Oregon Women Lawyers Society (“OWLS”), the Queen’s Bench. OWLS works to provide support for women lawyers and promote a more diverse bench and bar. She also works at the Law School’s Writing Center as a Teaching Fellow to assist peers with putting their best work on paper, and as a law clerk at a local employment and civil rights law firm.

Caroline has experience working with individuals dealing with trauma, suffering from addiction, or in unsafe relationships. In the future, she intends to pursue a legal practice of civil rights litigation, whether by filing lawsuits for people whose rights have been violated or doing criminal defense work. She believes everyone deserves to have their rights protected, and to have someone advocate for them.

You can contact her via email at

Meagan Tate (she/her/hers) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties Meagan Tate in a blazer and turquoise blouse in front of a neutral background, looking into the c...

Meagan Tate was raised in South Carolina and moved to Portland six years ago. She attended the University of South Carolina for her undergrad degree in Advertising. However, she has spent her professional career in office administration and legal assistant roles.

For the last four years, she has been working as a patent paralegal at a mid-sized law firm in Portland, while attending law school at night. She graduated this past year. She understands the importance of having a trauma-informed focus during the Title IX process.

You can contact her via email at

Christina Vieira da Rosa (she/her/hers) - Available as an advisor for Reporting Parties or Respondents Christina is seated wearing a jean jacket and red shirt and hugging her goldendoodle.

Christina is a third year law student at Lewis & Clark Law School focusing on environmental law. She is originally from California, but attended undergrad at Western Washington University where she majored in psychology. Her background has exposed her to a range of skills relevant to the advising role, including mediation skills and therapeutic methods. She is an active listener who believes that individuals are experts in their own experiences. She strives to bring an open-minded authenticity to all of her relationships. When not in school, Christina loves to travel (she has visited every continent except Antarctica), eat, and swim. She has an adorable 3 year old Goldendoodle named Nala, who is always available for pets.

You can contact her via email at