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Sexual and Interpersonal Violence

Process Advisors

A student may use an advisor of their choice for any meeting, interview, hearing, or other part of a process under our Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Students have the option to use an advisor from the below Advisor List. Advisors from the College list are available to students at no cost.

What is the role of an Advisor?

The role of a process advisor is to provide support and assistance in understanding and navigating meetings, interviews, hearings, or other parts of an investigation and resolution process. To protect the privacy of those involved, all advisors are required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to attending a meeting, interview, or other part of a resolution process. A process advisor can be present in addition to a Confidential Advocate or other support person.

When the process includes a Live Hearing, the advisor’s role is to ask questions of witnesses. An advisor for the Reporting Party (the person affected by the misconduct) will also ask questions of the Respondent (the person accused). An advisor for the Respondent (the person accused of the misconduct) will also ask questions of the Reporting Party (the person affected by the conduct). The advisors listed below receive training on the Sexual Misconduct Policy, including how to prepare for a Live Hearing and ask questions of witnesses and the Respondent or Reporting Party. 

Current Advisors

[check back soon; being updated October 2020]