Spiritual Life

The Office of Spiritual Life offers and supports a wide variety of opportunities and programs for students and the campus community that focus on spirituality, spiritual and religious life, and interfaith understanding. We recognize and affirm the spiritual and religious diversity of the Lewis & Clark community and seek to promote moral and spiritual dialogue and growth in a context of mutual support and encouragement.

A message from the Office of Spiritual Life (June 2020)

The murder of George Floyd along with other recent deaths of African American people at the hands of police have laid bare systemic racism and the stark structural racial inequities within our nation. We find ourselves outraged, heartbroken and discouraged. Like so many others we feel the need to speak, to connect, to reflect, to pray, and to share our grief and pain.

We believe that this is a time of reckoning, and the response of so many in our nation who have taken up the renewed call of Black Lives Matter stands as a source of hope in a time of mourning and despair.

We in the Spiritual Life Office want to acknowledge the need for racial justice and healing in our nation, our city, and our own Lewis & Clark community. While we know that racism and anti-blackness need to be eliminated, we see too many signs that it is thriving in our midst. We also know it should and can be different, and we are committed to restoring love and justice to their rightful place as the pillars of how we treat one another and live together.

We in the Spiritual Life Office are particularly committed to hope and to nurturing the kinds of spiritual wholeness and goodness that combats racism, hatred and violence. This hope lies in shared spiritual truths about love and human dignity, and we seek to join with all people of good will to create communities where decency, honesty, integrity and loving-kindness prevail.

In our own Lewis & Clark community, we uplift the importance of creating campus environments that prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion. As we seek out ways to support one another and challenge injustices, we will constantly strive to foster civility, respect, accountability, and human dignity.

Black Lives Matter


The Spiritual Initiatives Project began in 2012, and has the core purpose of enhancing our college campus community through 1) interfaith programs, 2) contemplative life and meditation programs, and 3) justice, service and spiritual reflection programs.

An Interfaith Dialogues group encourages dialogue and conversation about a wide variety of spiritual topics.   

Spiritual life groups are a vital form of spiritual expression across the campus.

For further information please contact the spiritual life office by phone or request information by emailing the office at spirituallife@lclark.edu.